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Welcome to fDi's Brexit hub brings together exclusive interviews, commentary and analysis from around the world by fDi Magazine and global crossborder investment trends from fDi Markets.

Following the UK's referendum vote to depart the European Union, gain insight how the divorce proceedings will have an impact on international and European trade, investment promotion and FDI.

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Top stories

Brexit not exit

After Brexit... how will the UK protect its leading FDI status in the EU?

Who are the direct competitors of the UK in terms of inward FDI in the EU? Dr Antonios Kalyvas and Dr Theodora Bermpei give an analysis based on FDI similarity indices and identify the post-Brexit policy implications.

From News

Tech firms call for clarity on Brexit

Tech investors in the UK are demanding more clarity from the government on immigration law, saying uncertainty in the face of Brexit is jeopardising the country’s pre-eminence. 

UK FDI data

Top sources for FDI into the UK by project numbers (2010-2015)

UK FDI data

Based on data from fDi Markets, North America and closely followed by Western Europe were the top source markets (80% collectively) for FDI projects into the UK between 2010-2015.

fDi Markets

Global commentary

Inside fDi: May we live in less interesting times

To say it has been an eventful 12 months would be an understatement. Yet amid Trump, Brexit and the rise of populism and protectionism, demonised multinationals and under-pressure IPAs the world over have been upping their game and getting business done. Courtney Fingar looks on in awe.

View from America: What will Trump or Clinton mean for foreign investment?

Democrats and Republicans are promising a redrafting of international trade and investment laws in the run-up to the presidential election, but their approaches are markedly different. 

View from Asia: Assessing the effects of the US’s next moves

Asia will be watching the new US president carefully, especially his approach to the issues that most affect the region, namely the economy and defence, says Lawrence Yeo.

View from Europe: How to beat the Brexit blues

Continental rivals will swoop if the UK cannot create a convincing post-Brexit culture for investment. 

View from Middle East and Africa: Brexit impact will reach all corners of the world

The Brexit vote may seem remote from the Middle East, but the UK's historic links to the region and globalisation mean there will be a ripple effect.

The Impact of Brexit on FDI into the UK: Recommendations for Investment Promotion Strategy

WAVTEQ Ltd, a global FDI consulting firm, have published a new study “The Impact of Brexit on FDI into the UK: Recommendations for Investment Promotion Strategy.” This working paper was independently published with the objective to understand the impact of Brexit on FDI to the United Kingdom and to provide recommendations for the UK's future investment promotion strategy.

Key findings include:

  • FDI is more important to the UK than for any other G7 economy.
  • The Centre for European Performance expects that FDI in the UK will decline by 22% due to Brexit.
  • There are over 23,000 foreign owned companies in the UK, which in 2014 had turnover (revenues) of £1.3 trillion.
  • FDI in Northern Ireland, Scotland and the South East (including London) is most at risk if the UK does not join the single market.

Read the full report now.

Latest Brexit coverage

From Locations

Jersey eyes win-win Brexit scenario

Jersey is reliant upon its financial industry, and has always stood outside the EU in spite of the UK joining in 1973. The island's officials tell Sebastian Shehadi why both a hard and soft Brexit could work to its benefit.

Jyrki Katainen

The Investment Plan for Europe: one year on

The EU's ambitious Investment Plan for Europe launched in mid-2015 and has already notched up some notable successes. Philippa Maister assesses its progress so far.

Vietnam production
From Locations

Global investment climate faces a stormy outlook for 2017

Political uncertainties are weighing on global crossborder investment, and Unctad estimates global FDI will have fallen 10% to 15% in 2016. Meanwhile, FDI into south-east Asia remains strong, and both Africa and the Middle East are slowly recovering. Jacopo Dettoni and Sebastian Shehadi report.

poland flag

Poland aims to reverse brain drain

Twenty million strong, the Polish diaspora is one of the world’s largest. With so much talent heading abroad, the ruling Law and Justice Party (PiS) is seeking to reverse this and lure Poles, especially innovators, back to Poland. 


Poland focuses on innovation

Poland’s Deputy Minister of Development, Jadwiga Emilewicz, talks to Sebastian Shehadi about how the country can reduce its dependence on foreign capital 

From News

BAT looks to take full control of Reynolds American

British American Tobacco is looking to acquire Reynolds American in a deal worth $47bn, which would be one of the largest to come out of the UK in the post-Brexit environment.

From News

Canada-EU agreement bucks trend of failure

Post-TTP and TTIP, the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between Canada and the EU points the way forward for global trade 

Automotive FDI in Hungary on the increase

The Hungarian automotive components and automotive OEM sectors show promising growth, reports Julia Klötzer.

From News

JLL: office rentals slow

JLL reports a slowdown in office demand going into 2017, but that London has kept its grip despite the UK’s decision to leave the EU.

Featured Brexit coverage


Brexodus: will foreign investors leave or remain in the UK?

IPAs from all over Europe are eyeing a piece of the UK's foreign investment inflows as uncertainty clouds the mind of investors in the aftermath of the June 23 referendum in which the country voted to leave the EU. Jacopo Dettoni reports. 

Stop HS2

Will UK's Northern Powerhouse project avoid Brexit derailment?

'The Northern Powerhouse' was one of former UK prime minister David Cameron's flagship projects, but changes in the government following the vote to leave the EU led to worries it would be quietly ditched. Roz Hanna looks at what the future holds for the initiative.

Cologne bridge

Could Cologne's insurance industry benefit from Brexit fallout?

With the UK's financial services firms weighing up their options following the Brexit referendum, could Cologne be set to benefit from an exodus of insurance companies from London? Natasha Turak takes a look

euro flag
From News

Investors regroup as Brexit challenge looms

A period of uncertainty awaits businesses as the UK votes to leave the European Union following the June 23 referendum.

From News

Brexit gives Indian investors pause

The UK’s decision to leave the EU is forcing Indian investors to reconsider their operations in the country, particularly regarding steel production and IT services.

From News

Post-Brexit London still preferred by US tech firms

A survey has found US tech chiefs still prefer London to its European peers, citing human talent, language and easy access to finance.

From News

A post-Brexit future for Welsh FDI

Wales did well from EU money, but will that dry up now that the UK has voted to leave?

From News

EU cities offer financial alternatives to London post-Brexit

EU cities are courting London's financial community post-Brexit, but the uncertainty about what happens next and the inertia that ties firms to the UK's capital means there are unlikely to be any quick decisions about businesses leaving the City. 

From News

UK’s post-Brexit tax plans in question

Legal experts are weighing up the possible consequences for the UK if promised corporate tax proposals are carried out.

From News

UK to take M&A hit post-Brexit

British M&A activity to fall by 17%, but a quick Brexit may stem forecast losses 

From News

Chinese investors “hesitant” about post-Brexit UK

Director of law firm Yingke warns of uncertainty regarding access to EU markets

From News

Ireland looks to lure FDI from a post-Brexit UK

IDA, Ireland's investment promotion agency, is looking to coax companies wanting to maintain an EU base from a post-Brexit UK.

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