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US sanctions hit Iran and China

Wide-ranging US sanctions will affect companies and individuals in Iran and China while not aimed specifically at those countries’ governments.

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Libya seeks FDI to boost oil output

Sufficient investment could bring Libya’s oil production back to pre-revolution levels.

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China eager to fill TPP void

Regional partnership shows how China could soon be writing the rules in international trade

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Apps to dominate 2017 travel trends

While the full effect of Brexit is yet to be felt, the travel industry is making bullish predictions for 2017, buoyed by new trends such as combining business trips with holidays and increased use of mobile and online apps. Timothy Conley reports.

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US CFOs say companies poorly prepared for operational risks

US chief financial officers report their companies lack planning for operational risks such as cyber attacks or natural disasters, despite suffering from them in recent years. Timothy Conley reports.

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Global instability ‘to rise’ in Trump era

The volatility and political risk of 2016 look set to continue, with most regions affected, say risk analysts. Timothy Conley reports.

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Global commercial real estate projected to rebound in 2017

Growth in mid-sized cities has contributed to a rise in global real estate investment, with new and established investors pouring money into the sector and growth predicted to continue. Timothy Conley reports.

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NAFTA and US-Mexico economic ties under threat

While the proposed US border tax and trade renegotiations would hit Mexico, experts warn US consumers could also be affected. Timothy Conley reports.

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European cities top hotel investor wish lists

European destinations lead the way in a recent confidence survey on hotels, while EMEA yields are squeezed. Timothy Conley reports.

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Fears grow of US labour shortage

The US is facing a tighter labour market than usual, with companies voicing concerns at a lack of skilled workers. Erika Morphy reports.

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