El Salvador offers a strategic location for investors seeking access to the most important markets in the Americas. Located two and a half hours by air from Miami – and only three days by sea – it has access to nearly 500 million people.

El Salvador has negotiated bilateral agreements with Mexico, Dominican Republic, Chile and Panama, and awaits conclusion of free trade agreements with Canada and the US, in order to extend and diversify its export market. The country is also seeking to negotiate an agreement with the EU.

El Salvador has one of the most stable and secure economies in the Americas, and has earned praise from international credit rating agencies, including Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s and Fitch – as well as a coveted investment-grade rating.

The Heritage Foundation describes El Salvador as having one of the most open economies in Latin America. With a combination of sound infrastructure, abundant labour, low costs and investment incentives, particularly within its free trade zones, the country is targeting investors in a number of priority sectors, including textiles and apparel, agribusiness, manufacturing, tourism and call centres.

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