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Boeing 787, Goodrich
From Companies

Diverse portfolio tactic pays off for Goodrich

Goodrich has evolved into a player in the aerospace industry through organic growth and shrewd acquisitions. And now the biggest challenge yet – co-ordinating its units to Boeing's Dreamliner

Rocket Lab
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Rocket Lab uses remote New Zealand location to its advantage

Not exactly renowned for aerospace innovation, New Zealand is home to private company Rocket Lab, which is using a lack of industry experience to its advantage and defying expectations

Yann Caillère

View from the C-suite: Accor's multifaceted approach

Accor president Yann Caillère explains why traditional strategies are not viable in the hotel business. For a sector vulnerable to recession, survival depends on adapting and growing

From Companies

When Korea came calling

The deal that ended with the building of a $1bn assembly plant for South Korean car manufacturer Kia in a rural US state has had wide-reaching implications, both economic and cultural. And although there has been a price to pay on both sides, it appears to be outweighed by the benefits

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Time up for Medichem's Maltese haven?

Medichem has grown its Malta business out of the country’s patent-free status for drugs. But with Malta's entrance into the EU and changing legislation, the clock is ticking for the pharmaceuticals company

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Bacardi mixes its markets

Joaquin Bacardi, president and CEO of Bacardi Corporation, tells Karen E Thuermerabout the rum's growing popularity in the BRIC countries, as well as his expansion plans for its production facilities in the Caribbean

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GoGrid reveals global ambitions

US cloud computing company GoGrid signals its intention to service  customers around the world, starting with a new data centre in Europe


Company profile: Bangladesh's Beximco flies the frontier market flag

Bangladesh-based Beximco Pharmaceuticals is looking to build on last year's growth with expansion into the GCC. Spencer Anderson talks to managing director Nazmul Hassan about his plans

From Companies

View from the C-suite: Kaspersky Lab's CEO Eugene Kaspersky

Eugene Kaspersky, co-founder and CEO of Kaspersky Lab, tells Michał Kaczmarski about the prospects for growth in the antivirus software industry and details the pros and cons of conducting business in Russia

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Vodafone looking at data services for growth

With the voice market showing signs of saturation in the European  market, Vodafone is banking on data to fuel its future growth

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