fDi Report 2013 - Asia Pacific



Asia Pacific

Despite a 14.96% decline in the number of projects in Asia-Pacific in 2012, it was still the leading world region, attracting 3740 projects with a 31.72% global market share. As in 2011, China, India and Singapore were the three leading countries for inward FDI, attracting over half of all projects in Asia-Pacific. This was despite FDI in China and India falling sharply by 27.05% and 20% respectively.

Several countries from the region did achieve growth in FDI in 2012.The resilient economies of Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines helped secure solid growth in FDI, despite the testing global conditions. The volume of FDI into Myanmar grew massively in 2012, as political and economic reform coupled with improving international relations seemed to transform the country’s investment environment. Project numbers increased from 10 to 54, and the country also saw significant increases in capital investment (151.94%) and job creation from FDI (157.20%). Bangladesh also achieved a sharp rise in the levels of inward FDI in 2012; projects increased by 66.67%, while capital investment and jobs created also increased significantly.

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Asia Pacific