fDi Report 2013 - Europe




The number of FDI projects into Europe declined in 2012, mirroring global trends. A total of 3,891 projects were recorded, representing a 20.82% decrease in comparison with 2011. In 2012, the top 10 countries accounted for 72.19% of FDI projects into Europe.

The UK performed slightly better than Europe as a whole increasing its market share of FDI into the region to 20.87% in 2012, the highest of any European country. Spain and Poland were the only top countries to experience a growth in FDI, following declines in previous years. Poland increased project numbers by 4.87%, and its market share of capital investment grew to 6.54%. The country also increased its share of jobs created in Europe to 12.7%, indicating the attractiveness of Poland for large-scale projects in both manufacturing and services.

Russia recorded 265 FDI projects, the fourth highest of any European country, and also increased its market share of project numbers and capital investment to 6.81% and 10.99% respectively. The Czech Republic fell out of the top 10 locations following a decrease of 36.3% in FDI and was replaced by Turkey, which recorded a 35.42% rise in jobs created to 25,941, and increased its market share of European FDI to 3.42%, whilst its market share of capital investment grew to 6.14%.

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