fDi Report 2013 - Latin America and Caribbean


Latin America and Caribbean

In 2012, the number of FDI projects into Latin America and the Caribbean declined by 19.52%, with the region attracting 1,117 FDI projects. Capital investment decreased by an estimated 54.97% and the region also experienced an estimated 42.28% decline in jobs created.

Brazil dominates FDI in the region, attracting 432 projects in 2012, equal to almost two fifths of FDI in Latin America and the Caribbean in 2012. The top two countries remained unchanged from 2011 with Brazil attracting 38.68% of FDI projects and Mexico attracting 21.84%, a combined market share of 60.52%. Argentina slipped out of the top four as FDI into the country fell significantly by 45% to 77 projects in 2012.

The fastest growing country was Chile, which experienced a 25.40% increase in project numbers in 2012. It was the only country in the region to record an increase in FDI projects in the year. The overall list of the top 10 countries remains unchanged from 2012. Of the top 10 countries, in terms of project numbers, five increased their market share in 2012, with Brazil’s share of FDI increasing by 2.65%, followed by Chile (2.53%), Mexico (1.96%), Colombia (0.11%) and Puerto Rico (0.08%).

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Latin America and Caribbean


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