fDi Report 2013 - Middle East and Africa


Middle East and Africa

The number of FDI projects into the Middle East and Africa (MEA) declined by 11.78% in 2012 to 1,370 projects. Capital investment in the region fell by an estimated 43.31% and job creation by an estimated 23.32%.

The number of FDI projects attracted by Oman increased by 48.98% and its market share of inward FDI in the region increased from 3.16% in 2011 to 5.33% in 2012. Egypt and Nigeria also experienced an increase in project numbers by 20% in 2012. Egypt experienced a large increase in capital investment in the country, rising by 64.67%. South Africa’s market share of FDI into the region also increased to over 10% in 2012.

Of the top 10 countries for inward FDI into the MEA region, Morocco experienced the biggest decline with project numbers falling by 34.25% to 48 projects in 2012.Due to the widespread political instability and civil unrest in Syria, the country saw a massive decline in the number of inward FDI projects by 92.86% in 2012.

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Middle East and Africa