fDi Report 2013 - North America


North America

The number of FDI projects into North America declined by 9.48% in 2012, with the region attracting 1,671 FDI projects during the year. Capital investment in 2012 decreased by an estimated 12.61% and job creation by an estimated 2.36% compared to 2011. Despite these declines, North America was the best performing region of the world in 2012, with the decline in FDI much sharper in the rest of the world.

California was the leading state in the region, attracting 205 projects, over a tenth of FDI into North America. The top five states for FDI into North America remained unchanged from 2011 and in total accounted for 39.26% of the market in 2012. California accounted for 12.27% followed by New York (8.74%), Ontario (7.36%), Texas (6.94%) and Florida (3.95%). New York experienced a 5.04% increase in projects compared to 2011 even with the effects of Hurricane Sandy. In contrast, New Jersey suffered a 41.46% decrease in projects recorded.

The fastest growing of the top 15 states by project numbers were Michigan (60%), British Columbia (26.92%), Alabama (16.67%) and Massachusetts (5.56%). The top state in terms of capital investment was Texas, which recorded an estimated $18bn in FDI, a doubling of investment compared to 2011 and attracting 26.59%of capital investment into North America in 2012.The leading state in terms of job creation was Florida, which recorded an estimated 11,468 FDI jobs, more than double the number of 2011 and accounting for 8.58% of FDI job creation in North America.

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North America
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