View from BIO 2014

View from BIO 2014

Date: June 23 – 26, 2014
Location: San Diego Convention Centre, US

About 15,000 of the most powerful biotech and pharma players from 65 countries attended the 2014 BIO International Convention. Michal Kaczmarski, fDi Magazine's Americas & Europe editor, reported on the main topics of discussion and interviewed FDI and industry professionals.

View from BIO is your hub for the 2014 BIO International Convention, bringing you the latest coverage, FDI data and articles from the biotechnology industry.

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Biotechnology FDI data

Between April 2009 and April 2014 a total of 410 FDI projects in the Biotechnology sector were recorded. These projects represent a total capital investment of $5.53bn which is an average investment of $70.80m per project. During the period, a total of 9,388 jobs were created.


Trends spotted using fDi Markets, an online database tracking crossborder greenfield investment, covering all sectors and countries worldwide. Contact us for more information.

Pre-BIO 2014 interview


Leipzig stands out from the automotive and biotech crowds

Leipzig stands out from the automotive and biotech crowds

Seemingly every FDI-hungry location in the world is eyeing the automotive and biotech sectors, but by focusing on the SME supply chain, the east German city of Leipzig is managing to excel in both areas.

Tianjin siezes the tech initiative

Tianjin seizes the tech initiative

The Chinese city of Tianjin may lie in the shadow of investment behemoths Beijing and Shanghai, but it is still at the forefront of the country’s high-tech focus, with the Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area central to its strong FDI appeal.

Is South Korea poised for a health dividend REV

Is South Korea poised for a health dividend?

While South Korea's ageing population is causing ripples of concern for the country's politicians, it is providing a boon for its many healthcare companies. This, along with moves to establish South Korea as a key destination for health tourists, is giving both domestic and international investors in the country cause for optimism.