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View from MIPIM 2015

View from MIPIM 2015

Date: March 10 – 13, 2015
Location: Cannes, France

About 21,000 real estate and property development professionals from 93 countries are attending MIPIM 2015. fDi Magazine's editor-in-chief, Courtney Fingar, and deputy editor, Michal Kaczmarski, are reporting on the main topics of discussion and interviewing FDI and industry professionals.

View from MIPIM is your hub for MIPIM 2015, bringing you the latest coverage, FDI data and articles from the real estate industry.

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MIPIM 2015 Preview


Biotechnology and pharmaceuticals FDI data

Between March 2010 and March 2015 a total of 1,395 FDI projects were recorded in the biotechnology and pharmaceuticals sectors. These projects represent a total capital investment of $52.92bn which is an average investment of $37.90m per project. During the period, a total of 130,532 jobs were created. 

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Hotels - staying power

Defying a downturn: the hotel companies that are scaling up

The hotels and tourism sector has been hit hard by the global financial crisis but, finds Michal Kaczmarski, some companies are still expanding, with opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region proving particularly enticing.

What is in demand in 2015 in real estate

What is in demand in 2015 in real estate?

Real estate investment is thriving, with industry-watchers all over the world reporting increased demand. However, as Karen E Thuermer reports, the type of demand differs quite dramatically from country to country and region to region.

Inside fDi: the best laid plans that crumble or soar

The dreams and ambitions of cities and their development teams are laid out for all to see at the annual Mipim conference. Some will succeed, some will fail, and others still may even confound the predictions of Courtney Fingar...