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Inside fDi: I'm sorry, but you really mustn't be going

The investment world is full of dignitaries who talk a good game at the opening of a conference, but then leave all the real work to their minions, says Courtney Fingar.

Inside fDi: the good, the bad and the 'blah'

The judging of fDi's inaugural Digital Marketing Awards threw up a few turkeys, writes Courtney Fingar, but it was heartening to see just how many investment promotion agencies have excellent digital strategies, even if it does make a judge's job all the more arduous.

Inside fDi: The UK gets its message across... by royal descent

In hosting the Olympic Games, the UK had the perfect opportunity to sell itself to the world, chiefly through the opening ceremony. And while some parts were better than others, it left a favourable impression, thanks in no small part to a sky-diving Queen Elizabeth II.

Inside fDi: Let's hear it for the mayors

Only a handful of cities in the UK have mayors. This is a pity, as not only do they have a tendency to be hugely entertaining to interview, they also often have a knack for FDI promotion.

Inside fDi: Sometimes it pays to rekindle a romance

As attracting new investors to any given region gets harder and harder, Courtney Fingar suggests that showing a little love and affection to those companies that you already do business with could go a long way.

Inside fDi: In a game of fours, forget the bores

You may think that by having the most efficient investment promotion officials money can buy, a country or region has got this FDI lark licked. Well not if they are as dull as ditchwater. On her travels around the world, Courtney Fingar has found that the best places to visit do both charm and efficiency. But don't get her started on those that do neither...

Inside fDi: It's the bullet you don't see that kills you

In search of fDistories, Courtney Fingar has not shied away from conflict zones, yet the frightening incidents in these areas have been few and far between, all of which begs the question: does risk continue to be risky when you know it exists and can therefore prepare for the worst?

Inside fDi: In a decade of change, some things remain the same

In the ten years since fDiMagazine was launched,Courtney Fingar has observed both changes and consistencies in the global economic picture.

Inside fDi: The bull in the bear market

Focus on the developing economies and rising super powers in the east has distracted us from the galloping multilateral growth currently taking place in the Americas. Europe better watch out, says Courtney Fingar, as competition is now coming from both sides

Inside fDi: Sweet home away from home Lviv

The wave of natural disasters that swept the globe in recent months did not spare Courtney Fingar'shome state of Alabama. Amid the worry and despair, a letter of sympathy from a Ukrainian mayor showed how one kind gesture can lead to unlikely new friendships and perhaps even new business opportunities

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