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fDi On Location: Jamaica

The Caribbean island of Jamaica is best known for its glorious beaches and tourism. But past this façade the country has a promising but yet untapped workforce, specialising in industries such as: logistics, financial services, agribusiness and business processing. fDi Magazine’s editor-in-chief Courtney Fingar discovers what business opportunities the island has to offer.
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fDi On Location: exploring your investment destination

fDi Magazine has launched fDi On Location, a new video series exploring investment destinations worldwide. Our editorial team identifies the sectors with the most potential for investment and interviews foreign investors as well as other stakeholders about their views on the location's competitiveness.

Presented by fDi Magazine’s editor and filmed on site, fDi On Location explores your destination including its key strengths and attraction points for investors. 

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  • Benefit from an independent assessment and publication of the key benefits of doing business at your destination
  • Share your message with over 30,000 foreign direct investment professionals through our website and e-newsletter
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  • Create a robust case-study of your location and use it to proactively reach undecided and potential investors

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fDi On Location: Jamaica

Investing in Jamaica
Investing in Jamaica
Investing in Jamaica