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The fDi Report 2018 reveals that greenfield capital investment decreased by 15.2% to $662.6bn, while the number of FDI projects declined by 1.1% to 13,200.

Key FDI trends spotted include:

  • The US reclaimed its top spot from India, recording $87.4bn of announced FDI in 2017.
  • FDI into western Europe increased 4% by the number of projects and 13% by capital investment.
  • FDI into the UK declined across all three indicators, project numbers (-10%), capital investment (-5%) and jobs created (-11%).
  • China regained its FDI crown in Asia-Pacific, accounting for 26% of capital investment in the region.
  • Poland continued to rise as a key destination for FDI, with the number of FDI projects increasing 25% and capital investment increasing 49%.