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Welcome to fDi's US Politics Hub, bringing together exclusive interviews, commentary and reporting by fDi Magazine and global crossborder investment trends from fDi Markets.

Following Donald Trump's historic US election victory, discover how a Trump Presidency will have an impact on international trade, economic development and FDI.

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Trump promises US tax overhaul

Donald Trump made tax reform a key plank of his election campaign. What can the US expect once he is inaugurated in January?

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TPP: what now?

If US president-elect Donald Trump keeps his promise to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the remaining interested parties will have some tough choices to make.

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Trump victory casts shadow of uncertainty over global investment

Despite the markets’ initial panic at Donald’s Trump’s election, stock markets have bounced backed with the hope of financial stimulus. However, confusion prevails and many questions remain about the new president’s plans for global trade and investment.  

US FDI data

Top sources for FDI into the US by capital investment (2009-2015)

US FDI data

Based on data from fDi Markets, since President Obama assumed office in 2009 and up to 2015, the US attracted a total of $222.54bn of FDI (capital investment).

The top source markets for FDI in that period included Japan, Canada and China jointly contributing over $75bn in capital investment into the US.

fDi Markets

Global commentary

Inside fDi: May we live in less interesting times

To say it has been an eventful 12 months would be an understatement. Yet amid Trump, Brexit and the rise of populism and protectionism, demonised multinationals and under-pressure IPAs the world over have been upping their game and getting business done. Courtney Fingar looks on in awe.

View from America: Will Trump administration push through business tax cuts?

Most observers believe the next US president will cut business tax rates as the gridlock in Congress is cleared. But this depends if the transition between the Obama and Trump administrations goes as harmoniously as promised, says Daniel Malachuk.

View from Asia: Assessing the effects of the US’s next moves

Asia will be watching the new US president carefully, especially his approach to the issues that most affect the region, namely the economy and defence, says Lawrence Yeo.

View from the Middle East and Africa: Trump must not abandon MEA for Putin deal

US president-elect Donald Trump’s approval of Russian president Vladimir Putin is creating unease in the region, says Mazdak Rafaty.

View from America: Not so united States?

The US populace is becoming increasingly polarised politically, with implications for the outcome of the presidential election and after, says Daniel Malachuk.

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Video: Protectionism, Trump and the future of FDI in the US

Latest stories

Vietnam production
From Locations

Global investment climate faces a stormy outlook for 2017

Political uncertainties are weighing on global crossborder investment, and Unctad estimates global FDI will have fallen 10% to 15% in 2016. Meanwhile, FDI into south-east Asia remains strong, and both Africa and the Middle East are slowly recovering. Jacopo Dettoni and Sebastian Shehadi report.


Pittsburgh transforms from steel city to tech titan

Formerly an industrial powerhouse, in the 1970s Pittsburgh went into a decline. Then diverse local interests came together to rebuild the city into a tech, healthcare and financial services hub, ensuring its survival through education and innovation. Natasha Turak reports.

Investors of the year - Amazon

fDi Investors of the Year 2016

Logistics powerhouses Amazon and Deutsche Post have ranked as fDi Magazine’s top investors for 2016, followed by Japan-based Mitsubishi Corporation. Cathy Mullan reports. 

fDi National Championship 2016
From Locations

fDi National Championship – The four conference winners

Back for its second year, fDi Magazine’s National Championship pits US states against each other using the college football’s four conference system, with teams battling on the FDI field for title of National Champion 2016. Cathy Mullan reports.


Rhode Island thinks big

The small US state of Rhode Island is easy to miss on a map, and it has also largely gone under the radar of investors. However, buoyed by a series of investments in the past year, from the likes of GE and the Ireland West International Trade Centre, the state is looking to use its unique location to its advantage.

Gina Raimondo

Rhode Island establishes tech training for schools

Rhode Island governor Gina Raimondo talks to Michal Kaczmarski about the training initiatives the state is establishing in order to provide skilled workers for the many technology companies investing there.

Duterte and Abe
From Locations

Philippines’ Duterte causes mixed feelings as he pivots towards Asia

The Philippines’ volatile president Rodrigo Duterte has turned towards Asia to strengthen regional ties, at the expense of established US trade relations. As his country continues to attract mounting levels of FDI, this foreign policy shift is reflected in the emergence of Asian investors as a dominant source of capital, as Jacopo Dettoni reports. 

From Locations

Philippines aims to cut red tape and attract new FDI

FDI inflows to the Philippines have grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years, yet the country continues to lag behind its neighbours, central bank governor Amando Tetangco, Jr, tells fDi.

After momentous year, Cuba faces uncertain 2017

The economy is shrinking, but tourist numbers are up. What will the Trump era mean for Cuba?

From News

US commission issues anti-terrorist blueprint

With terrorism at the top of many developed countries’ list of concerns, the Commission on Countering Violent Extremism has come up with recommendations to tackle the issue. Karen Thuermer reports.

US Election stories from the Financial Times

Discover the FT's US Election 2016 coverage.

Featured stories

Detroit poverty

Towards equal access: tackling US urban poverty

Poverty levels in many US cities that were once leaders in the manufacturing world are unacceptably high. To combat this, a number of programmes have been launched to train people from poor areas and assist them in finding employment. Natasha Turak looks at how the private sector – both domestic and foreign – is playing a role in these initiatives

Rust belt revitalised new

The future of America's Rust Belt

Millions of manufacturing jobs have gone in the former industrial heartlands of the US in the past few decades. In an effort to counteract this, state bodies are joining forces to attract FDI and ensure they can offer the skilled workforce demanded by investors. Natasha Turak reports.

US protectionism

Protectionism, Trump and the future of FDI in the US

The result of the US election in November will hinge in large part on the number of voters who feel betrayed by globalisation, which in turn is placing pressure on free-trade agreements. Natasha Turak explores whether a victory for Donald Trump's protectionist policies would dent the US's leading global FDI role.

Penny Pritzker

US secretary of commerce lauds TPP and free trade

In an interview at the SelectUSA Investment Summit in Washington, DC in June, US secretary of commerce Penny Pritzker tells Natasha Turak that the Trans-Pacific Partnership underlines the US's global leadership position when it comes to trade.

Nation brands 2016

Nation Brands 2016 report: Singapore strong, US valuable

The US once more has the most valuable country brand while Singapore's is the strongest, according to Brand Finance’s annual National Brands report, with a strong correlation continuing to exist between a strong nation brand and investment attractiveness.

Inside fDi: Why FDI's trump card is being ignored

Warnings about the threat to inward investment were ignored as the UK voted for Brexit, and there seems to be a very real risk that the US will pull a similar stunt in this year's presidential elections. Unperturbed, Courtney Fingar has her scary graphs at the ready...

From News

9/11 bill threatens US-Saudi investment

A vote by Congress to allow lawsuits against Saudi Arabia could jeopardise promised investment, reports Sebastian Shehadi.

Interstate investment into Texas on the decline

The amount of money flowing from the rest of the US into Texas is on a downward trend.

Butch Otter

Idaho governor looks to make business happen quickly

At the SelectUSA Investment Summit in Washington, DC, in June, Idaho governor Butch Otter told Natasha Turak how the state gets business done quickly and efficiently, and discussed why 'equal' trade is more important than free trade for the US.

Terry McAuliffe

Virginia governor on an FDI mission

The governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, has been on a series of international trade missions to bring foreign investment to his state. He explains to Natasha Turak how this approach is paying dividends.

From News

WTO reports trade slump and rising protectionism

The World Trade Organization has urged its members to resist protectionist sentiments to help steer out of the slump in global trade. 

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