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Cover Aug 2011

The growing problem of where to invest in agriculture

As the world's population continues to grow at pace, the problem of food provision is causing a headache for governments the world over. Agriculture investment can go a long way to solving such problems, but deciding where to invest is not so easy.

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Global Outlook Report 2011: FDI's cautious recovery

Last year saw further drops in FDI levels globally, but fDiIntelligence expects greenfield projects to return to growth in the coming year

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Latin America sees strong growth in 2011

Latin America is showing impressive growth in 2011, with Brazil and Mexico attracting the bulk of FDI into the region. 

South Africa's gateway to Africa

Foreign investors have always targeted South Africa, but are increasingly using the country as a gateway to the continent.

Russia tops Europe for manufacturing

Russia has retained its lead in Europe in terms of FDI project numbers, while Spain has doubled its manufacturing FDI.

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