Brazil sees FDI boost in 2019

Brazil’s FDI flows were boosted in 2019 by the government’s privatisation programme.

Yigal Chazan

FDI health checks could boost emerging markets

Vetting of big-ticket projects could allaying Western concerns about transparency.

looking beyond

Zonamerica looks beyond Latin America for expansion opportunities

Uruguay-based Zonamerica has successfully expanded into Colombia and China, and is now looking to export its model to other parts of Asia and Africa.


Jamaican tourism minister seeks to explode myths

Edmund Bartlett, Jamaica’s minister of tourism, talks about key investment opportunities.

Uruguay ‘best country to invest in’

US News report ranks investable countries, with surprise results at the top.

green growth

Barbados tourism minister looks to green expansion

Barbados's minister of tourism discusses exploiting the country's capacity for growth, but only in a sustainable way. 

a private

Will 'prosperity zones' bring wider benefits to Honduras?

Honduras is experimenting with self-governed ‘prosperity zones’ by permitting the development of its first semi-private city. 

taking on

Taking on the world: why breaking US sanctions is a no-go area

US president Donald Trump has ramped up the White House’s level of economic aggressiveness, hitting both US and non-US companies alike. 

Michael D Goldhaber colour

The Global Lawyer: why is history repeating in Puerto Rico's debt case?

Puerto Rico might be naïve on restructuring its debt, but it has the moral high ground.

Gregg Wassmansdorf web colour

View from the Americas: the evolving political economy of FDI

We are currently in a state of heightened business and economic disruption and sociopolitical activism, which only looks set to intensify. 

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