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Turning over a new leaf

Turning over a new leaf

The upcoming exit of president Álvaro Uribe marks a new era for Colombia. Once given a wide berth by investors, security has improved and its capital, Bogotá, is undergoing a revival. Michael Deibert reports

Advancing through caution

Advancing through caution

A culture of caution served Canada’s financial sector well in the credit crisis. Now Ontario’s banks are in expansionist mood, buoyed by recent tax breaks, reports Karen E Thuermer

Party crashers

Security issues, stifled telecoms and energy sectors and over-reliance on the US threaten the celebratory atmosphere surrounding Mexico’s bicentenary anniversary. But, says Jason Mitchell, foreign investors are not yet ready to leave the party.

Good neighbours?

Haiti and the Dominican Republic have endured a fraught relationship over the past 200 years, but could the latter’s response to the former’s recent earthquake lead to a more mutually beneficial partnership in the future? Michael Deibert investigates.

Brazil goal teaser

Brazil’s long-term goal

The 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics will focus the world’s attention on Brazil. The country’s north-east in particular plans to ensure that the infrastructure and tourism legacies left by these events are built to last.

Powering up

View from America

“Headquarters is a function, not a place,” the CEO of a multinational explained as we reviewed where his key people were. Rather than under one roof, senior management were deployed to where they might be most effective. Travel and technology were used stay in touch.

Toronto gains retail store

Liz Claiborne subsidiary Juicy Couture will open a retail store in Toronto, Canada.

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