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Hurricanes test Caribbean islands’ fragile economies

No one is underestimating the scale of the reconstruction necessary following a series of devastating hurricanes in the Caribbean. However, financial services firms say their business continuity plans have kicked in, while the tourism sector is optimistic that recovery will come sooner rather than later. Natasha Turak reports.

aiming higher

Antigua and Barbuda eye medical tourism as next phase of development

Tourism is Antigua and Barbuda’s lifeblood and it is keen to develop its high-end offering to include medical and heritage tourism. Chet Greene, minister of trade, industry, commerce and consumer affairs, sports, culture and national festivals, tells Courtney Fingar of the country’s plans in these fields

Antigua and Barbuda's offshore education lesson

Offshore education is proving a lucrative sideline for Antigua and Barbuda, and gives the country a year-round influx of visitors. Little wonder, then, that its government is making strides to enhance its reputation in this field.

Antigua and Barbuda stays ahead of the digital game

Antigua and Barbuda stays ahead of the digital game

Antigua and Barbuda was a pioneering player in the online gaming industry, and can list a host of successes among its homegrown tech businesses. Now the launch of the country's Government Assisted Technology Endeavour looks set to enhance its reputation in the information and communications technology sector.

Antigua and Barbuda looks to cash in on fruit appeal

Antigua and Barbuda looks to cash in on fruit appeal

Antigua and Barbuda's farmers produce a wide variety of fruits in abundance, the vast majority of which is consumed locally. Steps have been taken to export these products, but the industry is very much in its early stages, meaning opportunities aplenty for investors.

Widening the tourist trail

Antigua and Barbuda widens the tourist trail

Thanks to its profusion of sun-soaked beaches, tourism will always be a pillar of Antigua and Barbuda's economy, but its government is keen to diversify the country's appeal beyond traditional leisure tourism and into medical tourism and offshore learning. It has also proposed a new citizenship programme, aimed at attracting high-net-worth individuals to invest in the country.


Antigua and Barbuda finance minister looks for small comforts

Despite its small size, Antigua and Barbuda's economic integration with other Caribbean jurisdictions gives its companies a huge market to do business with, says the minister of finance, economy and public administration. However, the island's image of being a tax haven is one that will have to be shed in order to achieve bigger growth.

Jamaica's investment promotion agency, Jampro

Caribbean IPAs go extra mile to fight preconceptions

Dogged by preconceptions of the region being a little more than a holiday retreat or a tax haven, investment promotion agencies in the Caribbean are focusing upon providing the best possible service to would-be investors – both large and small – in order to attract international businesses to their countries.

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