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Santiago targets regional financial centre hub status

Chile is reforming its business environment, part of which is transforming capital Santiago into a regional financial hub.

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Chile’s economy minister heralds transport infrastructure PPP drive

Chile’s economy minister tells fDi about the country's planned $14.6bn PPP portfolio.


Chile minister appeals for tourism investment

Chile’s undersecretary of tourism talks about the country’s spending on tourism infrastructure.

Chile returns to FDI growth after three years

Data from fDi Markets shows that after a lean few years Chile's FDI landscape is recovering in impressive fashion.

Chile’s prospects brighten as copper rebounds

A change of government and a reviving commodities market could be good news for the Chilean economy.


Chile: Pushing for productivity

Chile’s finance minister Rodrigo Valdés tells Jacopo Dettoni about the reform-minded government’s efforts to strengthen the economy as weakening copper prices take a toll on the country’s mining sector.


ProChile director looks to more equal growth

The director of Chile's export promotion bureau, ProChile, tells fDi that changes to the country's education system will see an eventual improvement in the skill levels of its workforce, while the drive to assist SMEs in exporting their goods should provide a further boost to the government's efforts to spread the benefits of years of economic growth.


Chile looks to FDI to solve energy and infrastructure problems

Chile's FDI performance over the past decade has been hugely impressive. However, wary of its inadequate infrastructure and expensive energy prices, the country's government is keen to attract further foreign investment as a way of solving these problems.


An expanding advantage: how Chilean firms are making their mark overseas

The glut of free-trade agreements that Chile has with upwards of 60 countries gives its companies – particularly its SMEs – access to a potentially huge customer base, something the county's government is encouraging them to take advantage of.


Chile builds on its success

Chile is undergoing a period of significant change as its government, led by president Michelle Bachelet, looks to implement new reforms across a range of sectors from education to taxation, in a bid to bolster the country's position as one of the leading investment destinations in Latin America.

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