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William 'Red ' Whittaker

Pittsburgh at the forefront of the robot revolution

Pittsburgh is a global leader when it comes to robotics research and development, hosting numerous companies in the field drawn to the city's rich industrial heritage, highly skilled workforce and the expertise coming out of Carnegie Mellon University. Natasha Turak looks at how the city is building on this reputation.

Collaborative Innovation Center, Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh rises to status of cyber security force

Pittsburgh was among the early leaders of the cyber security industry, a position it has enhanced in recent years. Natasha Turak looks at the methods the city is using to stay ahead of the game in this increasingly relevant field.

Pittsburgh - CATA

Pittsburgh takes manufacturing into another dimension

Pittsburgh’s manufacturing industry has changed with the times, moving from heavy industry to embrace advanced technology such as 3D printing. Natasha Turak reports.

Bringing it all back home: a guide to reshoring manufacturing in the US

The benefits of reversing the offshoring process and bringing manufacturing back to the US are becoming apparent to many companies. But the process must be carefully managed to ensure long-term success, writes Michelle Comerford of location consulting firm BLS & Co.

California hopes to hit new heights at redeveloped airbase

After the US government repurposed the former Castle Air Force base in California into a manufacturing centre, the local authorities attracted Google to the eight-hectare site. Now they are targeting venture capital investment for PPPs, as Michal Kaczmarski reports.

View from America: Will Trump administration push through business tax cuts?

Most observers believe the next US president will cut business tax rates as the gridlock in Congress is cleared. But this depends if the transition between the Obama and Trump administrations goes as harmoniously as promised, says Daniel Malachuk.


Pittsburgh transforms from steel city to tech titan

Formerly an industrial powerhouse, in the 1970s Pittsburgh went into a decline. Then diverse local interests came together to rebuild the city into a tech, healthcare and financial services hub, ensuring its survival through education and innovation. Natasha Turak reports.


Rhode Island thinks big

The small US state of Rhode Island is easy to miss on a map, and it has also largely gone under the radar of investors. However, buoyed by a series of investments in the past year, from the likes of GE and the Ireland West International Trade Centre, the state is looking to use its unique location to its advantage.

Lexington Medical

Massachusetts meets Lexington Medical’s needs

Lexington Medical’s expansion highlights its optimism about the wealth of expertise in the medical device industry in Massachusetts, as the locally incubated company opens a headquarters in the state. Natasha Turak reports.

Trump promises US tax overhaul

Donald Trump made tax reform a key plank of his election campaign. What can the US expect once he is inaugurated in January?

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