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Butch Otter

Idaho governor looks to make business happen quickly

At the SelectUSA Investment Summit in Washington, DC, in June, Idaho governor Butch Otter told Natasha Turak how the state gets business done quickly and efficiently, and discussed why 'equal' trade is more important than free trade for the US.

GlaxoSmithKline in Upper Providence

Worth the experiment? US second-tier biotech locations make their case

Soaring costs at the US's major biotech hubs such as Boston and California are moving the spotlight to second-tier locations. But how can the likes of Philadelphia, Minneapolis and Maryland stand out from the crowd at attract investment in this lucrative sector? Michal Kaczmarski finds out.

View from America: What will Trump or Clinton mean for foreign investment?

Democrats and Republicans are promising a redrafting of international trade and investment laws in the run-up to the presidential election, but their approaches are markedly different. 

US protectionism

Protectionism, Trump and the future of FDI in the US

The result of the US election in November will hinge in large part on the number of voters who feel betrayed by globalisation, which in turn is placing pressure on free-trade agreements. Natasha Turak explores whether a victory for Donald Trump's protectionist policies would dent the US's leading global FDI role.

US manufacturing productivity flattens out

Garner Economics highlights manufacturing stagnation despite growth

Ecommerce drains real estate availability

CBRE report reveals steady decline in warehouse stock

Keith Summey

North Charleston: selling a city

Keith Summey, mayor of North Charleston, South Carolina, talks about how he kept the city on a upward trend despite the closure of the local naval shipyard.

Canadian banks’ M&A on the up

The US is the biggest target for Canadian banks looking to expand.

SelectUSA emphasises innovation

President Obama praises growth of cutting-edge manufacturing hubs at Washington, DC summit.

LGBT bathroom

Do LGBT rights affect FDI?

One by one, US states are grappling with laws relating to the LGBT community. But does gay friendly necessarily mean business friendly? And while many companies – among them PayPal, American Airlines and Apple – have taken principled stands against anti-LGBT laws, how many will follow?

Global greenfield investment trends

Crossborder investment monitor

fDi Markets is the only online database tracking crossborder greenfield investment covering all sectors and countries worldwide. It provides real-time monitoring of investment projects, capital investment and job creation with powerful tools to track and profile companies investing overseas.

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Corporate location benchmarking tool

fDi Benchmark is the only online tool to benchmark the competitiveness of countries and cities in over 50 sectors. Its comprehensive location data series covers the main cost and quality competitiveness indicators for over 300 locations around the world.

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Research report

fDi Intelligence provides customised reports and data research which deliver vital business intelligence to corporations, investment promotion agencies, economic development organisations, consulting firms and research institutions.

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