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PayPal pulls out of North Carolina deal over sex discrimination law

Tech company PayPal pulls out of North Carolina in the wake of controversial law. Others will follow the suit, experts predict.

US to see increased investment from China

The slowdown at home and a need to diversify are causing Chinese investors to focus on the US, but, according to a new report, concerns about the regulatory environment are widespread.

Digitalisation is the cure for US manufacturing

The US has particular strengths in the IT skills and knowledge that are revolutionising industry and advanced technologies.

FDI from US into Canada declines

The number of projects recorded by US companies in Canada has been in decline since 2012.

National Championship 4

fDi National Championship: the winner

Following a close playoff season, fDi Magazine has crowned the US FDI national champion. While University of Alabama snatched victory from Clemson University on the football field, South Carolina is taking home the trophy where FDI is concerned. Cathy Mullan reports. 

Tax climate lures GE to Boston

GE’s move to Boston has been prompted by a favourable tax regime, a highly skilled workforce and proximity to elite academic institutions.

Miami's bigger slice of investment

Miami's bigger slice of investment

Miami's recent history has been turbulent, both economically and socially, but this does not seem to have damaged its allure. Indeed, in recent years Chinese investors have been particularly active in the city, though its strength remains its reputation as the US's main link to the Latin American world.

View from America: a world of non-friction?

Globalisation may have removed many barriers to business but many frictions still do exist. 

Oakland County blossoms to become Michigan investment hub

Oakland County blossoms to become Michigan investment hub

Oakland County in Michigan has suffered along with near neighbour Detroit in recent years, with the decimation of the auto industry bringing high unemployment levels to both locations. However, Oakland's long-standing commitment to attracting investment is behind a remarkable turnaround over the past couple of years.

National Championship 4

fDi National Championship – semi finalists

North Carolina, South Carolina, Indiana and California are battling it out for the title of fDi National Champion. And with California’s ability to attract investment in the Software and IT services sector, the other states may be scrambling to catch up. 

Global greenfield investment trends

Crossborder investment monitor

fDi Markets is the only online database tracking crossborder greenfield investment covering all sectors and countries worldwide. It provides real-time monitoring of investment projects, capital investment and job creation with powerful tools to track and profile companies investing overseas.

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Corporate location benchmarking tool

fDi Benchmark is the only online tool to benchmark the competitiveness of countries and cities in over 50 sectors. Its comprehensive location data series covers the main cost and quality competitiveness indicators for over 300 locations around the world.

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Research report

fDi Intelligence provides customised reports and data research which deliver vital business intelligence to corporations, investment promotion agencies, economic development organisations, consulting firms and research institutions.

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