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a dual focus

Samoa PM applies IFC and tourism focus

Samoa’s prime minister, Tuilaepa Lupesoliai Neioti Aiono Sailele Malielegaoi, tells Brian Caplen why the country is keen to remain a financial centre, and how it plans to increase flight seats and boost visitor numbers.

a dip into

A dip into the unknown: why investors are eyeing Vanuatu

Vanuatu’s relaxed approach to life extends to its business environment, with low taxes and a light-touch regulatory regime. Besides plenty of room for expanding tourism, it offers potential investors a youthful workforce and unexploited natural resources, as Brian Caplen reports.

an asian influx

Chinese influx boost Pacific Islands' tourism coffers

Chinese and Indian tourists are providing a boon for some of the Pacific Islands. However, away from the stronger economies such as Fiji, the familiar problem of not enough top-quality hotels or long-haul flights means that the whole area is not quite reaching its full potential, as Brian Caplen discovers.

to ifc

South Pacific financial centres hit by derisking global banks

Regulations against money laundering and financing terrorism are pushing international banks to derisk by closing lines with money transfer businesses. As many Pacific Islands rely heavily on remittance flows, some are now questioning the benefits of remaining an IFC. Brian Caplen reports.

View from Asia: Outlook bright for tourism growth

The resilience of Asia-Pacific’s economy will continue to support the region’s leading performance in the tourism sector.

Reinvestment ranking logo

fDi Reinvestment Ranking 2017: Singapore takes top spot

An assessment of FDI expansions reveals which locations enjoy the most follow-up investments and why. Cathy Mullan analyses the results.

myanmar's fdi

Myanmar's FDI boom put on hold

Myanmar's new government, led by de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi, is pushing through a number of long-awaited reforms and has welcomed the end of US trade sanctions. Observers are confident these are steps in the right direction, although they create room for uncertainty in the short term. Jacopo Dettoni reports.

the modi

The Modi modernisation: how India has entered the FDI elite

The reforms implemented by prime minister Narendra Modi have seen India go a long way towards reaching its rich FDI potential. And while there is still progress to make, particularly when it comes to the ease of doing business, Jacopo Dettoni reports on a country awash with optimism.

making india

Invest India head looks to make India work

The head of Invest India, Deepak Bagla, talks to Jacopo Dettoni about how the country’s push to become a global manufacturing hub is gathering momentum, aided by prime minister Narendra Modi's decisive and pro-investment leadership.

an imf sos

Will IMF intervention help save Mongolia from Dutch disease?

Mongolia’s over-reliance on natural resources has put a strain on its economy, and a deal with the IMF offers the best hope of easing the country’s budgetary pressures. Jacopo Dettoni reports.