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US sanctions hit Iran and China

Wide-ranging US sanctions will affect companies and individuals in Iran and China while not aimed specifically at those countries’ governments.

China eager to fill TPP void

Regional partnership shows how China could soon be writing the rules in international trade

Foreign investors give thumbs up to India’s budget

Foreign investors have reacted positively to the Indian government’s promise of further liberalisation, reports N Chandra Mohan.

Japanese automakers face uncertainty over Trump FTA threats

Japanese auto manufacturers are considering their options in the light of US threatened trade deal changes, which include investing in US plants or gaining access to existing operations through a merger. Timothy Conley reports.

the base of progress

Will former air base help unblock Manila's roads?

Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte has made former US airbase Clark – already a free zone – a key piece of his plan to decongest Manila. His efforts will need to overcome the country’s red tape and corruption to become a reality, reports Jacopo Dettoni


Light at the end of the corridor for Sabah

Sabah has long lagged behind other Malaysian states in terms of prosperity. However, an ambitious long-term development strategy is transforming the state’s infrastructure and improving local skills to attract greater investment. John West reports.

Chinese president hails globalisation at Davos

Xi Jinping, the president of China, has used his keynote speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos to criticise the growing popularity of protectionist policies, and espouse the virtues of globalisation.

Myanmar park secures $1bn investment

Thilawa industrial park in Myanmar has attracted a reported $1bn of funds from a range of countries, highlighting the country’s potential.

View from Asia: Assessing the effects of the US’s next moves

Asia will be watching the new US president carefully, especially his approach to the issues that most affect the region, namely the economy and defence, says Lawrence Yeo.

Abul Maal A Muhith

Bangladesh, Bhutan and Sri Lanka finance ministers identify aims at IMF meeting

At the annual IMF meeting in Washington, DC in October 2016, Natasha Turak caught up with the finance ministers of Bangladesh, Bhutan and Sri Lanka to find out how they are attracting FDI in a region dominated by a number of global giants.