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Island stars

How island nations can make their investment potential shine

Island economies can hold unique advantages when it comes to FDI, but they also suffer from similar challenges – chiefly struggling to diversify their often small markets. fDi profiles these locations and looks at what they can do to keep their heads above water.

View from Asia: Asian aerospace market flying high

Spending in Asia's aerospace and defence sector is skyrocketing, and looks set to continue its growth trajectory to support increased demand both in civil and military aviation. 

China and Pakistan: belted together

Thanks to its geographical importance to the One-Belt-One-Road plan, Pakistan has regained its position as a magnet for FDI from China. But there is still concern over what some countries see as unfair bias in favour of Chinese investors

China’s energy price far exceeds the US

Cost competitiveness was the bedrock upon which China’s position as a manufacturing powerhouse was built. But as the country seeks to move up the value chain, rising costs ensure it will need to compete on quality and other factors regardless.

Four years of FDI growth in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan has been enjoying four years of consecutive growth in inward FDI, according to data from FDI monitor fDi Markets.

China’s rebalancing act

Robert Wihtol, former Asian Development Bank country director for China, explains some of the challenges the country faces in the necessary rebalancing of its economic growth model.

Liberalisation of trade would benefit Asia, say ADB officials

Asian Development Bank officials at this year's annual ADB meeting highlighted the need for liberalisation of trade in Asia, in order to enable greater trade and FDI links between Asia and Europe.

Naoyuki Yoshino urges Japan to take action

Asian Development Bank institute dean and CEO, Naoyuki Yoshino, told fDi that Japan's Abenomics programme should be implemented with much greater urgency, and should be better explained to the Japanese public.

ADB meeting sparks debate over China's 'one belt, one road' initiative

A panel discussion at the 2016 Asian Development Bank annual meeting in May, revealed a plethora of feelings and opinions about China's 'one belt, one road' initiative. 

ADB urges India to follow the 'east Asian model' of economic growth

The Asian Development Bank's director-general for south Asia has revealed mixed feelings about India's economic growth.