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Multinationals favour Singapore for regional HQs

Singapore maintains its position as a leading destination for regional Asia-Pacific HQs, according to a Hawksford report.

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The view from the Asian Development Bank

Jacopo Dettoni travelled to Fiji for the annual meeting of the Asian Development Bank, where he spoke to delegates representing governments and institutions from all over the Asia-Pacific region. 

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View from Asia: the rise of tier-two cities

East Asia and the Pacific make up the world's fastest urbanising region, with great opportunities for investment, but also challenges.

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Will Indonesia's new capital finally get the go-ahead?

Jakarta's days as Indonesia's capital may be numbered, but the new capital project has failed before. 

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Fiji trade minister looking to catch investment wave

Fiji's minister for industry, trade, tourism, local government, housing and community development talks to fDi about the opportunities offered by the country's ocean environment.

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Uzbekistan gears up for privatisations as reforms ramp up

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev is looking to transform Uzbekistan into a more investment-friendly destination, and among his reforms is a wave of privatisations. 

FDI down 13% in 2018, says Unctad report

Unctad’s World Investment Report 2019 shows FDI drop, with developed economies suffering most.

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Sri Lanka retains crown as fDi’s most diversified island economy

Sri Lanka and New Zealand hang on first and second place in fDi's Diversification Index for island economies.

Island economies of future logo 2019-20

Island Economies of the Future 2019/20 – the results

Cyprus is ranked first in fDi’s Island Economies of the Future rankings.

Tourism FDI takes off

The hotels and tourism sector saw a huge increase in FDI in 2018.