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Shanghai World Expo allows China to show its strength

The Shanghai World Expo 2010 is allowing China to proudly display its growing affluence, while international exhibitors redouble their efforts to grab the attention of consumers in the most lucrative of emerging economies

View from Asia

Tread cautiously when considering entering or expanding in China

China Mobile makes 2010 profit

China Mobile’s profits up 4.2% according to interim 2010 results

GIC set to fill emerging market gap

Mumbai office set to signal increased Asian activity for Singapore SWF


Company profile: Foxconn focuses on inland China

In a drive to satisfy the world’s growing demand for electronic gadgets, the Taiwan-based company has committed to a multi-billion-dollar investment plan to move its Chinese production plants from the coast to inland provinces

Anglo headhunter firms turn attention to Asia

UK and US recruitment firms are looking to Asia and other emerging regions for expansion

Automotive companies setting up operations in Thailand

Car makers appear keen on Thailand, according to a raft of announcements

South Korea power company expands to India

Korea East-West Power (EWP) is building two coal-filled power plants in  the Orissa province

Mine tax

Poll puts mine tax in doubt

Australia's planned mining tax, already watered down, may be scrapped entirely if Labor party loses August's election

Vietnam gets US solar plant boost

First Solar, the US-based solar module manufacturer, plans to invest $1.2bn in building a new plant in Vietnam.