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China poised for overtime law review

A recent rash of suicides at Chinese electronics manufacturer Foxconn could significantly shake up the country’s labour regulations, particularly as a number of large foreign investors such as Apple, Dell and Hewlett-Packard have announced that they will be launching investigations.

Profile: Omar Zakhilwal - A hard sell

Afghanistan’s minister of finance talks to Michelle Price about the country’s need to control how it allocates its grants and loans, as well as attracting the foreign investment it needs to fulfil the promise of its oil, gas, iron ore and copper industries.

The other China

The other China

Rapid growth, urbanisation and recently acquired purchasing power is tempting foreign direct investors away from China’s traditional hotspots and into more remote territories. By Y Y Tang

A difficult climb

A difficult climb

The small and isolated country of Bhutan has set out policies to attract FDI but has so far had little success beyond the luxury tourist market, reports Nick Freeman 

Eyes on the end game

Eyes on the end game

Malaysia’s goal of achieving ‘developed nation’ status by 2020 is going to plan as its economy begins a rebound and its industrial output becomes more diverse. Wendy Atkins reports


Asia’s need for speed

Hwee Chong Lok of TNT Express Worldwide’s Asia office talks about the ramifications of the ASEAN-China Free Trade Area and explains how the region’s main challenge is now to increase the efficiency of its logistics operations.

Big business

The new free-trade area covering south-east Asia and china is causing companies to rethink their crossborder strategies and reorganise their supply chains in the region. Y Y Tang reports.

a good call

A good call

After making the largest direct investment by a European company into Pakistan five years ago, Norwegian telecoms provider Telenor is sold on the sub-continent.