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Sovereign bonds and record FDI mark new era for Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan attracted record foreign investment in 2018, while February 2019 saw the country's sovereign bond debut in London. 

China FDI into Europe: A cause for concern?

FDI project numbers from China into the EU are on a downward trend, but Europe is still a popular destination for Chinese investment.


Kazakhstan centralises investment promotion efforts

The Astana International Financial Centre will become the operational centrepiece of the country’s new integrated ecosystem.

Impressive start for Vietnamese FDI in 2019

Steady growth in foreign investment to Vietnam is on track for continued success in 2019. 

Israel sees rising Chinese FDI

Israel is balancing increased Chinese investment with US suspicions surrounding Chinese tech. 

a market milestone

Uzbekistan’s deputy PM celebrates bond markets debut

Jamshid Kuchkarov, Uzbekistan’s deputy prime minister, tells fDi about the symbolic importance of the country’s sovereign bond debut to its FDI performance.

vietnam goes

Vietnam bets on Industry 4.0 in tech drive

Vietnam is embracing 'Industry 4.0' in an attempt to create a role for itself as a technology hub within south-east Asia. 

afghanistans tough

Will security and telecoms opportunities bring FDI to Afghanistan?

Selling Afghanistan to foreign investors remains a difficult task, and FDI into the country is low. Despite this, officials claim that there is cause for optimism. 

Lawrence Yeo

View from Asia: beware the temptations of Industry 4.0

As the latest tech revolution – the digitisation of manufacturing – arrives, companies should be clear that the benefits outweigh the costs before adoption.

a perception

Myanmar investment minister looks to turn around perceptions

Myanmar’s first minister for investment and foreign economic relations talks to fDi about the government's efforts to change investor perceptions.