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UK PM strengthens ties with India

A visit by the UK’s prime minister to the Indian state of West Bengal underscores the importance of trade ties between the two economies. 

IPR reform could boost Indias FDI attraction

IPR reform could boost India’s FDI attraction

India needs to rethink its stance on intellectual property rights if it wants to achieve its full FDI potential and remain competitive with other emerging markets, argues David Torstensson.

Wal-Mart Stores and Bharti Enterprises part ways

US retail giant Wal-Mart Stores has announced that it will break its partnership with Indian retailer Bharti Enterprises.

Japanese firms take new interest in India

With Indo-Japanese relations blossoming, many Japanese firms are eyeing the country's impressive domestic market, but unless India can smooth out complexities in its business environment, the new relationship risks turning sour. 

Asian giants look forward with optimism

Asian giants look forward with optimism

India's minister of commerce and industry, the Philippines' secretary for tourism and Thailand's deputy prime minister and minister for finance tell Barbara Njau about the role FDI is playing in their plans to improve their countries' economic performance.

India’s FDI reforms lack steel

Inordinate delays issuing mining rights and processing land acquisitions have cost India billions of dollars in lost investment in steel production.

India returns to the drawing board with FDI policies

The Indian government is looking into ways of further liberalising the country's FDI policies.

View from Asia: June/July 2013

Changing demographics are driving the growth of the aerospace industry in the Asia-Pacific region.

India's multi-brand retail policy has no buyers

India's controversial policy to allow foreign investors to own up to a 51% stake in multi-brand retail has failed to attract any fresh investment into the country.

FDI frustrations mount

India's FDI frustrations mount

FDI is badly needed in India, but critics say that the government must work to improve the country’s business environment if it is to attract investment on the scale required. 

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