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Record high investment into New Zealand despite notes of protectionism

New Zealand has witnessed record high inflows of FDI in 2018, garnering $1.32bn between January and May, but the investment climate is still uncertain.

New Zealand looks to bridge talent gap

Immigration New Zealand sees the US as an ideal pool of talent from which to recruit and help grow the country's economy, reports Karen Thuermer


Has FDI fallen out of favour in New Zealand?

Observers fear New Zealand’s historic openness to foreign investors could be a thing of the past under new prime minister Jacinda Ardern, with property speculation coming under increased scrutiny. Lucia Dore reports.


IFSWF Conference: where should sovereign wealth funds invest?

The International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds (IFSWF) held its Eighth Annual Conference in Auckland, New Zealand in early November, which addressed issues of how sovereign wealth funds SWFs could ensure sufficiently high returns in a low-growth, low-interest rate environment and how climate change initiatives would impact investment opportunities. 

New Zealand FDI hit peak in 2015

New Zealand sees FDI uptick in 2015 and also claimed a record share of total Antipodean investment.

Not for sale: Australia and New Zealand crack down on foreign real estate buyers

Land purchases are a controversial area of foreign investment into Australia and New Zealand. Now the governments of both countries are increasing regulation of their real estate markets to favour local buyers.

ICF announces Smart Communities shortlist

Intelligent Community Forum has named the 21 locations shortlisted for its Intelligent Community of the Year, 2015 award.

New Zealand split in two over FDI

New Zealand split in two over FDI

The question of how much foreign investment is too much is a hot topic in New Zealand. On one side of the argument proponents of FDI believe it is responsible for the country's higher-than-average economic growth, but on the other, patriotic New Zealanders believe that the level of foreign ownership, particularly of land, has reached a tipping point.

New Zealand finance minister eyes oil riches

New Zealand finance minister eyes oil riches

Remote and robust, New Zealand managed to avoid the worst of the global economic downturn, and while its exports remain strong, the country's finance minister says that oil exploration being carried out could elevate it to another level.

New Zealand suffers a slump in FDI

Inward flows of FDI to New Zealand have suffered a considerable drop in the first eight months of 2013, compared with the same period in 2012.

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