winners circle

European Cities and Regions of the Future 2012/13: winners' circle

fDi handed out awards to Europe's top-ranking locations at a ceremony in Cannes in March, while leaders of the winning cities and regions react to their successes.

Birmingham city centre

Birmingham looks to emerge from London's shadow

Birmingham in the UK has had to contend with an outdated image of it being a post-industrial ghost town in recent years, but while its inward investment figures are still dwarfed by London, its efforts to increase the level of investment it attracts are bearing fruit.

small regions stand tall

Europe's small regions show competitive edge in fDi rankings

Europe’s brightest business regions are lining up to compete for investment from firms keen to develop their presence in the continent and expand their market share. And as the rankings for fDiMagazine’s European Cities and Regions of the Future 2012/2013 reveal, smaller regions have plenty to boast about.

Indonesia keeping up with the neighbours

Will Indonesia's masterplan see it live up to its potential?

Indonesia has achieved significant economic growth in the past three years and now, with the help of a new development plan, its government has set the ambitious target of transforming the country into a major economic power by 2025. Can Indonesia compete on the same stage as Asia's behemoth economies such as India and China, or will the basic issues of infrastructure and inflation continue to hold it back?

Tuscany: not just a pretty face

Tuscany: not just a pretty face

Tuscany's beauty is both a blessing and a curse. While its history and image draw in tourists by the million, convincing would-be foreign investors that underneath the picture-postcard views lies a hard-nosed attitude to business is a tricky task, but one its president is tackling head on.

Facebook thumbs up

Have IPAs finally grown to love social media?

While most investment promotion agencies are yet to define a social media strategy, there is almost unanimous agreement that such a strategy can prove key to investment promotion efforts.

View from Europe: April/May 2012

The progressive cities of Europe have woken up to the realities of the new global order and are redoubling their efforts to open trade routes with emerging economies. 

Ireland offers FDI job incentives

Ireland introduces referral fees to boost FDI job creation

A new scheme has been launched by ConnectIreland to financially reward anyone assisting in attracting foreign companies to Ireland.

Who is following the BRICs teaser

Who is following the BRICs?

As the BRIC countries – Brazil, Russia, India and China – realise the decade-old prediction that they would become economic superpowers, attention now turns to the global economies that will follow them.

Predrag Sekulic

Montenegrin tourism minister looks to build a reputation

Montenegro's minister of sustainable development and tourism, Predrag Sekulic, explains how his country's reputation as a high-quality holiday destination is slowly growing, but further investment in construction and infrastructure is needed if it is to continue on an upward trajectory.

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