German companies use historical ties to extend CIS footprint

German companies use historical ties to extend CIS footprint

The former Soviet republics that now make up the Commonwealth of Independent States have long been a fertile ground for German investors. This association is continuing to pay dividends, with German companies reaping the benefits of doing business in countries in which others in the West are more cautious about entering.

View from Europe: June/July 2012

Ireland has mapped out its road to recovery by targeting specific growth industries and developing its FDI appeal to help get the country working again.

Romanian protests

Romania remains wary amid slow growth

Political turmoil in Romania brought about by austerity measures imposed as part of an IMF-backed aid package belie the fact that the country's economy is growing. However, there is a fear that the pervading pessimism in the country will put off would-be investors and stymie its recovery.

Mehmet Simsek, Turkey's finance minister

Turkey eyes rebalancing with help of FDI

Burdened with a huge current account deficit and rising tensions in the Kurdish south-east of the country, Turkey has its fair share of challenges. But the country's finance minister believes that with the help of foreign investment it can reduce the size of the deficit and provide better prospects in the struggling districts.

Giorgi Ugulava, Tbilisi mayor

Tbilisi mayor welcomes tourism back to Georgia

The mayor of the Georgian capital of Tbilisi, Giorgi Ugulava, tells Courtney Fingar at the Sixth Tbilisi Local Economic Development Forum how the country's growing tourism sector and the minimal political influence on its economy has aided its recovery.

Liege-Guillemins Station, Liege

Wallonia's creative approach to a new image

The Wallonia region of Belgium is seeking to lose its heavy industry image of previous decades, and its government is using public-private partnerships to steer it down a more creative and innovative path.

TEASER-Getting the best out of the BRICs

Getting the best out of the BRICs

Companies setting up shop in Brazil, Russia, India and China are becoming increasingly dependent on financial outsourcing to navigate unfamiliar and often complex local legislation. While there are many advantages to outsourcing financial operations, there are myriad factors to consider before these can be realised.

Adel Ali, CEO of Air Arabia

Turbulent times prove a boon for Air Arabia

Adel Ali, CEO of Air Arabia, explains how the global economic downturn has benefited the low-cost carrier, as the increasing number of passengers opting for a cheaper service has allowed it to increase its fleet and service more destinations, putting it on course for continued international expansion.

Qatar Airways soars while competitors splutter

Qatar Airways soars while competitors splutter

The aviation industry was one of the main casualties of the global economic crisis in many regions around the world, but in the Middle East its growth has continued unabated. Central to this growth has been the expansion of Qatar Airways, which, according to its CEO, has no plans to slow down.

Armenia's prime minister, Tigran Sargsyan

Armenia's prime minister aims high-tech

Armenia's prime minister, Tigran Sargsyan, is optimistic about his country's future, which will be based around utilising its strengths in high-tech industries and exploiting its large global diaspora. However, poor relations with neighbouring countries still hamper its development efforts, he tells Courtney Fingar in an interview in his Yerevan offices.

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