Will an integrated approach fix the EU's R&D woes?

Is it time for a more integrated European approach to encouraging innovation? 


Eastern Europe's smaller states still harbour EU ambitions

Moldova, Georgia and Montenegro are still hoping to become EU member states, despite the ongoing crisis in the eurozone.

Sweden main destination for FDI In Scandinavia

For nearly a decade, Stockholm has attracted the largest number of FDI projects of any city in Scandinavia, but Copenhagen has benefitted from the largest total capital expenditure.

Russia and Bulgaria likely to miss FDI targets in 2011

The darlings of FDI in eastern Europe – Russia and Bulgaria – look set to disappoint in 2011, with project numbers falling below those projected.

CEE sees slow growth in 2011

Central and eastern European countries are pushing ahead with reforms to address reluctant growth as the region struggles to meet its potential.

Netherlands' attractiveness for FDI

The Netherlands excels in the Benelux region, with a steady increase in FDI project numbers.

Tuapse conflict on interests

Industry and tourism in Tuapse: a conflict of interests?

Perched on the temperate Black Sea coast, Tuapse is important for tourism, while its port makes it a major player for trade. The trick is stimulating industrial development while protecting the region’s golden goose – tourism

A plan for prosperity in the Northern Caucasus

A project to create a tourist cluster in the Northern Caucasus is more than just a business proposal, it is a bold attempt to put the region's violent past behind it by making the most of its potential to attract visitors and address local unemployment, writes Courtney Fingar as part of a special report


An ambassadorial approach to FDI

Unbiased knowledge and high-level contacts are paramount for successful FDI, something that the usual specialist agencies and local partners cannot always offer. But a new service, run by former UK diplomats, is now helping high-profile companies safeguard their investments regardless of economic, political or legal uncertainties.

Slovakia Volks

Slovakia: reforms fuel recovery prospects

With its place at the heart of Europe and a skilled labour force with a strong work ethic, Slovakia is well-placed to attract more investment, especially after the government introduced reforms to challenge corruption and make regional incentives more accessible to foreign companies.

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