Belarus business environment TEASER

Preparation the key to Belarus investment

There is a common perception that investing in Belarus is only for the risk-takers. However, the country can point to many examples of companies large and small operating successfully within it. The key, according to those working in the country, is in the preparation.

View from Europe: December 2011/January 2012

In Europe, all eyes are fixed on the eurozone crisis, relegating green legislation to the backseat. But with new investment in sectors such as wind power being needed to help the continent reach its 20% renewable energy target by 2020, is there room for both the economy and the environment on the same agenda?

Ukraine state of repair teaser

Ukraine seeks to mend damaged reputation

Ukraine has been dogged by bad press of late, and stories of political instability and the trials of opposition politicians are unlikely to impress would-be foreign investors. However, a state agency created to attract FDI to the country is hoping to assuage these fears and show off Ukraine's rich potential.

Western Europe and the Asia-Pacific dominate FDI into Africa in 2011

Western European companies have historically been the most prolific investors in Africa. But although western Europe-based companies account for the largest number of projects in 2011, their Asia-Pacific-based counterparts have invested more capital and created more jobs in Africa.

Bucharest top financial services destination for eurozone investors

Eurozone investors in the financial services sector have favoured  investment in the Romanian capital Bucharest over the past eight years,  but Asian cities such as Hong Kong and Shanghai are increasing their  appeal.

Arturas Zuokas

Vilnius mayor looks to lead Lithuania's revival

Famous for ploughing over illegally parked cars with a tank, the mayor of Vilnius is now hoping to drive investment back into Lithuania’s crisis-hit capital city.

Poland foreword teaser

Poland on a winning streak

In the space of two decades, Poland has gone from being a country coming to terms with the collapse of the communist regime to having one of the best-performing economies in the world. This success story has not been lost on investors, who are increasingly basing their central and eastern European operations in the country.

Poland FDI locations TEASER

Polish cities lay out welcome mat for investors

While Warsaw is fast becoming a hub for foreign companies to locate their central and eastern European headquarters, Poland's other cities are also posting stellar FDI figures, thanks in no small part to the efforts of their local investment agencies.

Poland branding teaser

Poland rebrands to shake off outdated image

Poland's Ministry of Economy – keen to break down outdated international perceptions of the country – is carrying out a campaign aimed at showing off the country's many talents across an array of cutting-edge business sectors to the rest of the world. 

Poland's prime minister and president

Poland shifts to knowledge-based business landscape

Poland has been Europe's star performer in the post-crisis period, recording GDP growth while its neighbours struggle. One reason for this is the change in the country's investment landscape, which has gone from being dominated by labour-intensive industries to seeing knowledge-based businesses flock to its cities.

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