Belarus biotech TEASER

Belarus grasps pharmaceutical initiative

The pharmaceutical market in Belarus is seen as one of the country's most promising areas for economic growth, and with two pharma producers among its most profitable state-owned enterprises, this is a fact not lost on foreign investors.

Belarus Q&A TEASER

Belarus investment leaders have an optimistic outlook

Belarus's minister of economy and the director of the country's national investment agency explain to Michal Kaczmarski how the former Soviet state offers a welcoming environment for foreign investors.

Minsk, Belarus

Belarus causes foreign investors to think again

Belarus is often regarded as Europe's final frontier, the continent's last dictatorship where foreign businesses fear to tread. However, there is a growing interest in the country among investors looking beyond the negative headlines and instead striving to be among the first to tap its unexploited potential.

Serbian president calls for more inter-Balkan co-operation

The president of Serbia says Balkan countries must work together to attract foreign investment.

China closes gap on the US for German FDI

China has seen increased investment from Germany-based companies, and  now stands second to only the US when it comes to FDI from the European  country.

Poland, Warsaw Stock Exchange

Warsaw Stock Exchange looks to serve a new Europe

Offering a unique exchange for Europe, the Warsaw Stock Exchange is expanding its reach with a growing number of foreign companies listing. And in its 20th year, the bourse is reaping the benefits of adopting high standards from its very inception as it becomes the go-to location for companies wishing to list in central and eastern Europe.

Frankfurt airport

Frankfurt awaits impact of night flight ban

Frankfurt Airport's night-time flight ban has illustrated both how important air cargo traffic is to economic development and also how vulnerable logistics hubs are to sudden reversals of fortune.

Diego López Garrido

Diego López-Garrido: planning a winning strategy for the EU

Spain's secretary of state for the EU says that Europe needs greater co-operation and longer-term planning if it is to survive and prosper.

Asia-Pacific leads FDI into Kenya

There has been increased investment into Kenya from Asia-Pacific,  Africa, North American and Western Europe in 2011, however, Middle  Eastern companies have decreased their spending in the country.

Jurgen Ligi

Estonia's finance minister lauds euro's role in country's recovery

Estonia's minister of finance explains how a combination of factors – from the country's euro adoption to the implementation of its austerity measures – has helped it recover from recession and provide a better environment for doing business.

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