UK regional FDI statistics throw up few surprises

A region-by-region study of international investment into the UK between 2005 and 2009 shows that the South East (including London) dominates. However, further analysis does reveal the development of some hot-spots when it comes to business services and manufacturing.

Stockholm: setting standards for Scandinavia and Europe

Stockholm's reputation for being a green, clean city with a high standard of living is well deserved, as is its status as a key hub of high-tech innovation. Tom Blass looks at the factors that give the city a head start when it comes to attracting investment.

A connected city: Stockholm pioneers high-speed, universal fibre-optic model

Stockholm's municipal fibre-optic network offers the city's population and companies total broadband coverage and some of the highest access speeds in the world, providing a big opportunity for knowledge-based businesses.

Kista cluster realises Sweden's high-tech vision

The new town of Kista, near Stockholm, has been developing for several decades as a hub for technology industries, especially telecoms.

Urban renewal project promises cash injection for Stockholm's life sciences

Stockholm Life, Sweden's largest ever construction project, heralds major investment in the city's life sciences sector, representing a big commitment from government, academia and the private sector

Georgia Kobalia

Georgian minister looks to tourism and agriculture to boost economy

Agriculture, tourism and power could be the engines to get Georgia's economy growing again after a difficult year, the country's minister of the economy tells Spencer Anderson

In dispute: Arbitration over Bolivian telecoms nationalisation finally draws to a close

Luke Peterson discusses the legal challenges from the world of foreign direct investment

Bulgarian governors

Bulgaria strives to show its inner beauty

Bulgaria has all the makings of being Europe's next tourism hot-spot, but some of its most appealing areas are difficult to reach due to poor infrastructure. Two of its regional governors tell Courtney Fingar how tourism is set to take off once the right connections are made

Energy giants eye UK wind farm projects

The UK set to benefit with 70,000 jobs to be created by wind projects

Black Sea Economic Forum

Black Sea basin countries eye world stage

The Black Sea Economic Forum in November was used to foster economic ties between member countries to allow them to compete with global players

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