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lvivs growing

Lviv's growing pains: why Ukraine's star city is eyeing decentralisation

Lviv in western Ukraine is a tourism hub, enjoys close proximity to the EU border, is a haven for SMEs, and is less reliant upon politically connected oligarch families than its domestic peers. However, it is struggling to break the shackles imposed by central government, as Yuri Bender discovers.

tblisis take

Tbilisi mayor looks to green tourism boom

Davit Narmania, the mayor of Tbilisi in Georgia, tells Courtney Fingar how the city is boosting tourism with better transport access and how it is adding green credentials to its low-tax, low-bureaucracy environment.

why the eu

The EU will still loom large over UK trade deals

Leading advocates of Brexit foresee a ‘global UK’, unshackled by EU institutions and legislation, and free to trade and invest on new terms with the more exciting markets of the world. Yet there is mounting evidence to suggest that the UK’s trade and investment prospects will nevertheless remain heavily influenced by the EU, writes Dan Nicholls. 



brexit troubles

Is Brexit stirring troubles for Northern Ireland?

Northern Ireland has been an FDI hotspot over the past decade, but is facing the prospect of the return of a physical border with Ireland to its south in the wake of the UK's Brexit referendum. Jacopo Dettoni looks into how the country is preparing for this possibility. 

View from Europe: Why I hope Europe carries on the good work

After just over a decade of Europe-watching, Douglas Clark is moving hemispheres. Here he sums up the past decade and future prospects for the continent.

in the right

Biała Podlaska mayor looks to make location count

Biała Podlaska in eastern Poland has both the transport connections and a recently established economic zone to offer companies a useful east-west Europe logistics hub, the city's mayor, Dariusz Stefaniuk, tells Courtney Fingar.

raising hull

Raising Hull: how culture and investment are resurrecting an English city

The once-prosperous port city of Hull in eastern England has suffered numerous setbacks over the past few decades, resulting in social and economic problems. However, as Richard Gardham discovers, its status as the UK’s City of Culture for 2017, and a $420m investment from engineering giant Siemens to build a wind turbine production plant, have given the city genuine reasons for optimism

frances simple

Macron looks to make life simpler for SMEs

France's new president, Emmanuel Macron, was elected with a mandate to deliver change to the country. He is now attempting to do that by simplifying its labour laws in order to assist SMEs. Cécile Sourbes looks at the precarious road these reforms have taken.

a new focus

How FTAs are manoeuvring around a Trump-led US

With US participation in free-trade agreements shrouded in confusion, countries around the world are looking to form their own deals with each other, such as the proposed Asia-focused RCEP. Philippa Maister reports.

Catalonia referendum result could spook investors in short term

The uncertainty that the Catalonian referendum has sparked over independence from Spain is likely to result in a slowdown in FDI, economic experts say. Jason Mitchell reports.

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