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Scotland’s finance chief polishes investment credentials

Derek Mackay, Scotland’s cabinet secretary for finance, economy and fair work, talks about Brexit and Scottish independence.

Spanish election debate

General elections loom over Spanish FDI recovery

Spain has experienced unprecedented inflow of investment in the past few years, but political uncertainty is casting a shadow. 

Brexit-mired UK sees highest ever FDI projects in 2018

Greenfield foreign investment into the UK hit a historic high for project numbers in 2018.

China FDI into Europe: A cause for concern?

FDI project numbers from China into the EU are on a downward trend, but Europe is still a popular destination for Chinese investment.

FDI into Lithuania increases in 2018

Lithuania is enjoying a boost in FDI project and jobs, with the capital, Vilnius, getting the lion's share.


View from Europe: the truth about the mittelstand

Germany’s mid-sized companies are both underrated and overrated, writes Martin G Kaspar.

is fdis attraction

US and EU tighten FDI rules with China in view

The US has widened the scope of the CFIUS, while the EU has approved investment screening mechanism principles – both with China in mind. 

brexit boosts

Brexit boosts British FDI into Europe

Since the UK’s 2016 referendum, foreign investment by UK companies into the EU has grown by 12%, according to research by the London School of Economics’ Centre for Economic Performance. 

barcelona free

Barcelona free zone looks to cement tech future

Barcelona’s new innovation hub is rising from the ashes of an old car manufacturing facility, projecting the area into the future of production. 

a scientific

Wallonia rises to forefront of Europe's life sciences scene

Strategies by regional authorities are transforming Wallonia in Belgium into an up-and-coming European centre for life sciences. 

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