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long term lessons

Armenia president looks to lessons for the future

Armenia's president shares his vision for the future of the country, which focuses on reinforcing education at all levels and reducing corruption. 

Armenia signs PPP law to boost investment

Armenia has introduced legislation to encourage public-private partnerships in energy and infrastructure, preferably on a tide of foreign finance. 

Armen Avakian

Armenia investment authority head looks to tourism and diaspora

The executive director of the Development Foundation of Armenia, Armen Avakian, explains to Courtney Fingar how the country’s global diaspora could be the key to the next level of investment growth.

Tourism locations of the future 2017-18 logo

fDi Tourism Locations of the Future 2017/18 – Editor’s Choice Awards

fDi's inaugural Tourism Editor's Choice Awards for tourism single out the countries that have devised specific and successful strategies to attract investment. Belize, Croatia and Jamaica are just three of the countries punching above their weight, reports Cathy Mullan.

armenias ambition

Investment minister looks to boost Armenia's FDI advantage

Suren Karayan, Armenia’s minister of economic development and investments, explains how the country plans to exploit its network of east-west connections to enhance its FDI attractiveness.


Armenia’s strategic vision

Armenia is undergoing a period of reforms and evolution, and a new strategy unit has been set up to help determine and drive the country’s strategic vision throughout this process. Aleksandr Khachaturyan, executive director of the Center for Strategic Initiatives of the Government of Armenia and an adviser to the prime minister of Armenia, tells fDi what this might entail. 

a micro focus

Armenia finance minister seeks to move on from macro stability

Since 2014, Armenia has had to contend with currency depreciation, tumbling remittances and the impact of tensions between Russia and Europe. Finance minister Vardan Aramyan tells Courtney Fingar that now the country has achieved macro stability, it is planning micro-level reforms.

advantage armenia

DFA chief spells out Armenia's advantages

Garen Mikirditsian, CEO of the Development Foundation of Armenia, a governmental agency dedicated to attracting investments, promoting exports and expanding the country’s tourism potential, outlines the country’s strengths, including its key location and large diaspora.

past masters

Armenia tourism drive cashes in on ancient assets

Armenia aims to exploit its ancient heritage – which includes a civilisation that predates the Egyptian pyramids – and its wine-making expertise to further boost its nascent tourist industry. Courtney Fingar reports. 

Karen Karapetyan

Armenia PM targets public-friendly reform

Armenian prime minister Karen Karapetyan wants his government to create an environment that welcomes creative and entrepreneurial minds. But, as he tells Courtney Fingar, he is also determined to ensure that the country’s population is on board with whatever changes lie ahead.

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