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Sergei Roumas

Belarus Development Bank chief: beating the bad times

The Belarusian economy has been hit hard by Russia’s economic problems. Sergei Roumas, chairman of the Development Bank of the Republic of Belarus, tells Andrew Wrobel how the bank's projects are largely not at risk from this downturn, and says the country still has much to offer.

Nikolai Snopkov

Belarus economy minister looks to maintain FDI intensity

Attracting investment to Belarus has been a priority in the country for a number of years. However, as the country's minister of economy, Nikolai Snopkov, told Courtney Fingar at an investment forum in London, the country can and will do better when it comes to FDI.

Belarus cracks the code for IT success

Belarus cracks the code for IT success

Belarus's Hi-Tech Park is attracting a growing number of domestic and international software and IT companies, thanks to economic incentives and a highly skilled workforce.

Belarus officials

Belarus officials explain why now is the time to invest in the country

The Belarusian president's economic advisor, Kiryl Rudy; the minister of the economy, Nikolai Snopkov; and deputy foreign minister Aleksandr E Guryanov explain to Andrew Wrobel the advantages foreign companies will gain from investing in Belarus.

An open invitation

Belarus's open invitation extends east and west

Long established as a hub of manufacturing excellence among central and eastern European countries, Belarus is now targeting Western companies as it looks to demonstrate its openness and business credentials on a global scale.

An unexpected welcome

Belarus's unexpected welcome

In contrast to its international image, Belarus is making a steady ascent up business-friendliness rankings and rolling out the red carpet to potential investors.

German companies use historical ties to extend CIS footprint

German companies use historical ties to extend CIS footprint

The former Soviet republics that now make up the Commonwealth of Independent States have long been a fertile ground for German investors. This association is continuing to pay dividends, with German companies reaping the benefits of doing business in countries in which others in the West are more cautious about entering.

Belarus Composites teaser

Belarus hopes for nanotechnology investment burst

Belarus's expertise in nanotechnology is respected in the scientific community but has yet to attract the attention of the country's private sector. Professionals in the field hope that foreign investors can help fill this gap.

Belarus privatisation TEASER

Belarus emerges from privatisation wilderness

While many of its former Soviet peers were embracing privatisation programmes, Belarus shied away from such activity. However, the government has recently announced that it will be conducting tenders for many of its state-owned companies, and while foreign companies face a few obstacles should they want to get involved, first-mover advantages might be worth considering.


Belarus capitalises on its e-potential

Hi-Tech Park in Belarus is a growing hub for both regional and international software and IT firms that offers its registered businesses economic incentives. This is one example of how the eastern European country is capitalising on its highly skilled workforce of engineers, which has also attracted the attention of the likes of Microsoft and NEC.

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