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French ambassador to UK: “Collaboration stronger than ever”

The French ambassador to the UK has defied Brexit confusion to reaffirm the two countries’ relationship.

GET-Calais Jul 16 FDI

Calais left high and dry by Europe's migrant crisis

Europe's refuge crisis is taking its toll on the French coastal city of Calais where, as Natasha Turak reports, tourist numbers and commerce have decreased over the past year, put off by the unrest brought about by the 'Calais jungle' migrant camp.


Paris's grand plans

The 'Grand Paris' initiative aims to increase the population and size of the French capital by incorporating the greater Paris region into the city. Jean Louis Missika, deputy mayor of Paris, tells Natasha Turak about the transport, housing and environmental projects in the pipeline to help the city realise this vision. 

Business France releases 2015 annual report

Job creation and retention as a result of foreign investment reached record highs in France in 2015, according to an annual report by Business France.

French campaign promotes opportunities for UK investors

France's strengths in R&D, nuclear and high-tech manufacturing – as well as in food and luxury goods – were highlighted at an event in London’s East End hosted by development agency Business France.

Year-on-year declines in North American FDI in France

FDI from North America into France recorded year-on-year declines between January 2012 and December 2014.

Eurostar launches new route from London to Lyon

A new connection between the UK capital London and French city Lyon by high-speed railway operator Eurostar is expected to boost visitor numbers to the central-eastern French city.

French FDI into Romania in decline

Between 2011 and 2013, the number of FDI projects from France into Romania experienced year on year declines. 

French regions

French connections: how Rouen and Calais are looking to attract FDI

The distinctly different cities of Rouen and Calais in northern France are working to improve their investment climates, with a focus on transport and logistics infrastructure. 

Chinese FDI into Europe hits record high: Baker & McKenzie

According to a recent report by law firm Baker & McKenzie, Chinese FDI into Europe hit a record high in 2014. 

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