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a technovation

Lithuania finance minister eyes leading 'technovation' role

Vilius Sapoka, Lithuania’s minister of finance, tells fDi about the country’s growing tech hub and burgeoning start-up scene, or ‘Litechnia’, as he calls it.

fdi return on

fDi Return on Investment Ranking 2019: the results

Vilnius and Madrid get the best FDI return on their spending and staff sizes. Cathy Mullan reports.

is baltic

Is Baltic integration coming off the rails?

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have achieved significant integration since independence from the Soviet Union, but regional co-operation appears to be losing its impetus.

klaipedas fast

Klaipeda FEZ gets in fast to claim Brexit bonus

Lithuania’s Klaipeda free economic zone is keen to attract UK firms considering relocation into the eurozone, and has some timely solutions prepared, as chief executive Eimantas Kiudulas tells Wendy Atkins.

Lithuania FDI skyrockets in 2017

Lithuania enjoyed a record year for FDI in 2017, with capital city Vilnius the focus for much of the investments.

Klaipeda gas

Klaipeda gives Lithuania a gas-powered independence

The construction of a liquefied natural gas terminal at Klaipeda has enabled Lithuania to broaden its energy sources where once it had to rely on Russia. The resultant cut in costs has boosted the economy and benefited investors in the local free trade zone. Natasha Turak reports.

picking up

Kaunas's accidental mayor finds his purpose

After a period of stagnation typified by an abundance of red tape stymieing investment and construction, Kaunas is entering a new age of growth. The city’s mayor, Visvaldas Matijosaitis, explains to Natasha Turak how his private sector experience gave him the edge.

going places

Going places: Kaunas carves out an aviation and MRO niche

With a history of technical expertise in the aviation and maintenance, repair and overhaul industries, Kaunas has built a niche for itself in this field, aided by its international airport and adjacent free zone, as Natasha Turak finds.

the brains

The brains behind Kaunas's rise

Kaunas has established a reputation as a medical technology and R&D hub for the Baltic region. Its next step, as Natasha Turak discovers, is to ensure that its technological prowess is acknowledged on a global scale.

kaunas ready

Kaunas ready to take on the world

Kaunas, Lithuania's second city, is using its reputation for technological excellence and its highly educated workforce to attract foreign companies more accustomed to locating in the world's tier-one cities. Natasha Turak looks at how this small Baltic destination is starting to make global waves.

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