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Verschuure Utrecht

Utrecht vice-mayor hails young, talented and green city

Klaas Verschuure, vice-mayor of Utrecht, tells Sebastian Shehadi about the city’s talented youth, its historic and green demeanour and the thriving healthcare industry.


Amsterdam is a housing hotspot, says deputy mayor

Amsterdam’s deputy mayor, Laurens Ivens, tells Sebastian Shehadi about the city’s real estate opportunities.

amsterdam top

Amsterdam top in Benelux FDI ranking

With the number of FDI projects into the Benelux region reaching a 12-year high in 2015, cities across these three countries are rapidly developing into foreign investment hubs. Naomi Davies reports on the top-performing cities when it comes to attracting projects.


Noord-Holland vice-governor hails a success story built on hard work

Jaap Bond, vice-governor of Noord-Holland, explains how the province’s location and hardy agricultural workforce have enabled it to survive Europe’s financial wobbles.


Agribusiness and technology unite at Agriport A7

Diverse tenants and an innovative approach to energy efficiency are making Noord-Holland business site Agriport A7 a new kind of business hub.


Innovation blossoms in Seed Valley

World-class expertise in plant science makes Noord-Holland’s Seed Valley an agribusiness powerhouse with generations of experience to call upon.


A European powerhouse: how Noord-Holland stays ahead in the energy

For a small region, Noord-Holland has a wide range of tempting investment opportunities in power generation, from wind turbines to nuclear reactors.


Noord-Holland: a tradition of innovation

The province of Noord-Holland is leveraging its climate, location and research community to be a leader in areas from seed genetics to renewable energy. Unsurprisingly, this has had investors sitting up and taking notice.

Delft proves the perfect fit for 3M

Executive decision: Delft proves the perfect fit for 3M

When 3M was looking for a location for its new headquarters in the Netherlands, the city of Delft's reputation as a hub for innovation, technology and R&D made the decision a simple one.

Lilianne Ploumen

Netherlands foreign trade minister takes the co-operative approach

The Dutch minister for foreign trade and development co-operation, Lilianne Ploumen, talks about competition, complacency and why partnering with developing countries is a win-win situation.

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