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A Polish connection: all roads lead to Opole

The small Polish city of Opole has landed some large investors, particularly in the food processing sector. Michal Kaczmarski looks at how it uses its excellent road connections to punch above its weight.

Arkadiusz Bak

A little effort: why Poland's small cities should not be bypassed

Arkadiusz Bak of Poland’s ministry of economy explains why some of the country’s smaller cities should not be overlooked by foreign investors, but stresses that these locations also have to take a more proactive approach to FDI.

Eastern Polands infrastructure deficit

Off track: Eastern Poland's infrastructure deficit

While the cities of eastern Poland appear to be well located – offering access to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania as well as links to Warsaw – the reality for many of them is one of infrastructural shortfall, as Courtney Fingar discovers.

Olsztyn's mayor pushes onwards and outwards

Piotr Grzymowicz, mayor of the Polish city of Olsztyn, speaks to fDi about the various projects underway to boost the region's investment attractiveness, including the upgrades to the city's notoriously poor transport infrastructure.

Jan Krzysztof Bielecki

Jan Krzysztof Bielecki: Poland's future looks bright

Jan Krzysztof Bielecki, chairman of the partners board at EY Poland and former prime minister of Poland, discusses the challenges facing the country, including why it needs to keep its talent within its borders.

Olsztyns unique investor offering

Brains and beauty: Olsztyn's unique investor offering

The Polish city of Olsztyn's large student population, combined with its natural beauty, give it a unique selling proposition to attract investors. 

Puławy and Lublin carve investment niches

Puławy and Lublin carve investment niches

The cities of Puławy and Lublin have both carved out niches to attract investment, the former having established a reputation in the chemical sector but also in scientific research and the latter as a well-connected academic city. But, says Courtney Fingar, their respective specialties complement each other.

Białystok builds a new economy

Białystok builds a new economy

The region of Podlaskie in eastern Poland might have built its economy on a thriving agribusiness industry, but now is diversifying into new, emerging fields, and harvesting the rewards. 

Poland to stay on pro-FDI course, experts say

Andrzej Duda's surprise victory in May's Polish presidential elections is unlikely to impact the country's pro-FDI landscape, despite the new leader's anti-business stance in the presidential campaign. 


Mipim's smaller cities stake their claim

Annual real estate fair Mipim showcases hot investment cities from around the world. But it is also an opportunity for smaller cities and towns to make themselves known. Courtney Fingar and Michal Kaczmarski talk to representatives from locations in Serbia, Poland and Norway about their strategies to stand out from the crowd.

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