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Edinburgh looks to give SMEs a flying start

Innovation and collaboration: the making of 21st-century Edinburgh

Many of the millions of visitors who flock to the Scottish capital of Edinburgh are doing so because of the country's rich history. Over the past few years, however, the city's academic excellence and collaborative spirit have seen it become a world-class destination for companies working in sectors using cutting-edge technologies.

A flying start

Edinburgh looks to give SMEs a flying start

The sheer number of start-up companies emerging in hi-tech sectors in Edinburgh is a testament to the city's highly educated workforce, its pro-business environment and its proximity to financial services firms offering to fund these new entrepreneurs.

London Olympics wins gold for British business

The economic benefit of the 2012 London Olympics has already surpassed its £11bn target, more than two years ahead of projections. 

British city leaders make case for decentralisation

London is not the only British city, says lobby group Core Cities, which is calling for greater decentralisation in the UK. 

UK SMEs 'more optimistic' - Western Union report

A Western Union survey of UK SMEs reveals an optimistic mood. However, another report warns that medium-sized companies in the country are not receiving sufficient assistance when it comes to exports.

UK government announces £100m boost for enterprise zones

England's enterprise zones have been given a £100m injection to help complete infrastructure projects.

New air route opened between India and Birmingham

The UK city of Birmingham is hoping to attract more investment from India after a new air route between the two was opened.

M&A deals in western Europe hits low point

M&A activity involving western European target companies is down in August, according to M&A tracker Zephyr.

Centre stage

Enterprise zone central to Cardiff's success

The Central Cardiff Enterprise Zone offers businesses a central location and easy access to the city centre, as well as financial incentives. 

A star in the making

Cardiff's creative industries take a starring role

Cardiff is emerging as an unlikely hub for the television and film sector, where businesses can access a niche film-making community while getting government support

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