etixs ghana

Etix Everywhere uses Ghana gateway to crack west Africa

Etix Everywhere's latest data centre project in Ghana is a stepping stone to the west Africa region. 

can zimbabwe

Can Zimbabwe deliver on its investment promise?

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has made some big claims regarding Zimbabwe’s investment pipeline, but some doubt that his promises can be backed up. 

entertaining ambitions

Will Qiddiya tempt entertainment seekers from Dubai?

Qiddiya entertainment city aims to open up lucrative investment opportunities in Saudi Arabia's underdeveloped leisure sector.

constructing kuwait

Acico deputy CEO looks to build on Kuwaiti demand

The deputy CEO of Kuwaiti construction firm ACICO tells fDi about how the company is responding to Kuwait’s high demand for housing.

Mazdak Rafaty

View from the Middle East and Africa: the transformative power of fintech

Fintech holds massive potential for its ability to shake up establish systems, none more so than in Africa, where it is bringing many of the unbanked in from the cold, says Mazdak Rafaty.

ethiopia opens

Ethiopia opens up under new administration

Ethiopia's potential has long been eyed by foreign investors. Will the country's new government now realise that potential?

small economies

Mozambique tops 2017 Greenfield FDI Performance Index

Which countries outperform their size when it comes to generating greenfield FDI?

agco looks

AGCO looks to unlock Africa's agriculture potential

Africa's agricultural potential remains unleashed, but that could be about to change if the plans of US-based AGCO come to fruition.

Cities hold key to Africa's future FDI, says UN report

Africa must harness the competitive strengths of its cities if it is to maximise its full FDI potential, argues a UN-Habitat report.

What lies behind Ethiopia’s privatisation push?

After years of Chinese-backed, state-led development,Ethiopia is opening up to foreign investment, but it is unclear whether Addis Ababa is in the throes of changing its economic model or just looking to raise desperately-needed funds. Yigal Chazan reports.

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