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Iran FDI soars

The lifting of sanctions and Tehran’s continued strength have put Iran on a three-year upward trend.

Does foreign aid pave the way for FDI?

As FDI begins to outpace inflows of aid into developing countries, Finbarr Toesland explores the role that aid has played in opening up emerging economies to foreign investment.

Government brings stability to Egypt, says CEO of the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank Egypt

Government stability will give investors one less thing to worry about in Egypt, according to Nevine Loftfly, managing director and CEO of the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank Egypt. 

Bostjan Skalar

Waipa chief calls for focus on sustainable development goals

Waipa's newly appointed executive director, Bostjan Skalar, tells Jacopo Dettoni why developing countries must focus on priority markets and sustainable development goals in an uncertain economy.

View from Middle East and Africa: who benefits from the new Silk Road?

While the West fights to contain the Middle East, the East is gradually implementing what Forbes says “could be the largest economic scheme on the face of the earth”. 

Ali bin Masoud al Sunaidy

Opening up: Oman's minister of commerce and industry ushers in new investment age

Ali bin Masoud al Sunaidy, Oman's minister of commerce and industry, tells Natasha Turak how the country's new investment law will open it up to foreign investors, and make it an easier and faster location in which to do business.

Can diversification save Oman

Can diversification save Oman?

Oman is responding to falling oil prices with a plan to shift its economic focus to alternative revenue streams, not least its thriving tourism industry, as Natasha Turak discovers at the 2016 Economic Forum.

China's Tencent targets Africa with WeChat mobile wallet in tie up with Standard Bank

Chinese technology giant Tencent has tied up with South African bank Standard Bank to use its infrastructure to create pan-African mobile payment service available through WeChat Wallet.

Iran’s legislative elections bode well for economic reforms

Iran hopes re-election mandate given to moderate leader Hassan Rouhani underpins the faith of foreign investors, but more reforms are needed to persuade international business observers. 

Unwto confident of recovery in Egypt’s tourism sector

Egypt's tourism sector is on track to recover following a series of setbacks in 2015, according to the UN World Tourism Organisation's secretary-general.

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