UAE opens to unrestricted foreign investment

Some 122 economic activities are now eligible for 100% foreign ownership.

damac enjoys

Dubai’s Damac enjoys the Brexit real estate bonus

The CFO of Dubai property developer Damac tells fDi how Brexit has made London’s real estate market even more attractive to foreign investors. 

UAE relaxes foreign ownership rules

The UAE is to allow 100% foreign ownership of companies in further sectors.

when jocks

Will sport become the new hot tech topic?

A constant need for innovative approaches to audience engagement is transforming sport.

zimbabwes privatisation

Zimbabwe's privatisation push stutters along

After several failed or lacklustre attempts, Zimbabwe is again intent on privatising state enterprises and reducing public debt. But confidence is waning.

lands of

Zambia looks to 'land farm' model to realise agricultural potential

Land-rich Zambia is seeking investors to develop its agricultural sector on a major scale.

Mazdak Rafaty

View from Middle East and Africa: AfCFTA can deliver on economic diversity

The Middle East and Africa region is focusing on economic diversification to ensure resilience against future economic crises.

Island economies of future logo 2019-20

Sri Lanka retains crown as fDi’s most diversified island economy

Sri Lanka and New Zealand hang on first and second place in fDi's Diversification Index for island economies.

China makes tracks to invest in Lebanese railway

A rail network connecting Beirut in Lebanon and Damascus in Syria is attracting Chinese attention. 

Namibian mining industry opposes tax reforms

Namibia's mining industry is responsible for 14% of GDP and expanded 28% in 2018, but now it fears that government proposals to change taxes will hit exploration and deter investment. Jason Mitchell reports.

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